Like eyebrows, the trend for lips is currently great. Everywhere you turn – but mostly on Instagram – big lips dominate. There has been a lot of debate about why this is happening and if it is all Kylie Jenner’s fault, but the facts are the facts: the trendy look is bigger lips.

Not everyone was born with an Angelina Jolie pout, but you can get close to one – without looking bizarre. Here is how.

How to use makeup to draw over your lips

The first trick is a trick Jenner swore on herself before admitting the obvious fact to the world that she got lip fillers. You can use makeup to fake bigger lips, but you will achieve varying degrees of success. Knowing how to do this correctly is key. What you need baby is lip liner.

Gilda Wabbit, a professional drag queen in Louisville, Kentucky, tells us how to do it: “Take a lip liner in your favorite color and draw the shape of your lips a little larger than your natural lips. Then fill in this shape with the lip liner and apply your favorite lipstick over it. Slap your lips a few times and off you go! This way, in addition to making your lips look bigger, you can also change the shape of your lips. If you want a more defined Cupid’s bow, or are looking for more symmetry in the curve of your lower lip, then lapping your lips like this can provide that too. Two birds, one lipstick. “

Try to stick to a neutral tone if possible and make sure the tip of the pencil is sharp. Also, be heavier in the corners of your mouth for a dimensional, contoured effect.

Fill in your lips with these products

You may remember certain “lip-filling” glosses from your youth that did little more than prick like hell. Good news! These days lip care products don’t just hurt, they work too. Well some of them do.

The two big winners in the gloss category come from Buxom and Too Faced. the Lip injection to face line has been around for years and has consistently received high ratings for all of its various shapes, ranging from hues to “extreme” formulations. Twist also has a plump shine with extremely good ratings. It’s a staple of any makeup bag that belongs to a person with small lips who wants to be a person with bigger lips. Insider Tip: Buxom usually has small, travel-sized versions of its plump shine available near the cash register at Sephora so you can try a cheaper option before you dive in completely.

Buxom also offers a lesser known but effective one plump liner. Don’t ask how it works, just know it works. Buy a shade that matches your own lip color to paint over your lips and say thanks to us later.

There are also masks and creams that purport to have plump lips, but the reviews on these are much more mixed from what you can see for yourself here. You can soften, renew, or otherwise pamper your lips, but plumping up is controversial.

We finally have the most special product ever: water! As a general rule, stay hydrated at all times, but also for plump lips and skin.

What you should know about lip fillers

The old “Fake it ’til you make it” approach is cool and everything, but also the “one and done” method. Sticking to complicated lip liner routines and trying out constantly changing gloss formulas also have disadvantages. They are time consuming and have to be repeated over and over again. If you are serious about making your lips look bigger, you can just make them bigger. Don’t feel bad; many of us do.

We went back to Dr. Schwartzburg, the injector near Manhattan Skin aesthetics who told us about botox a couple of weeks ago to get the skinny ones on big fat lips. He told Lifehacker that the way you will be injected, what will you be injected, and what your lips will ultimately look like depends on what you are aiming for and what qualities your lips already have. Knowing exactly what you want and how to ask for it is a crucial part of not getting what you don’t want, which is an over the top, obviously injected appearance.

“There are a variety of brands that can be used on the lips, and I use them all,” Schwartzburg said. “I never take a cookie cutter approach and decide which filler to use based on several factors, including the goal the patient is trying to achieve, the anatomy of the lips, and the intrinsic qualities of fillers.”

He gave tips on which technology you should ask for in order to achieve the most natural-looking result possible: the “Russian” technology.

“Several techniques have been described and previously used including a fan technique, microdroplet technique, retrograde and anterograde techniques, top and bottom tin top and cupid bow injection, serial puncture, and linear threading. All of the above techniques have a number of drawbacks and deficiencies that can be summed up as unnatural looking, ”he said, noting that they can result in puffy looking“ duck lips ”or a“ top shelf ”, which happens when the vermilion is Edge – or at the very top of the upper lip – is obliterated and protruding, sometimes far enough to cast a small shadow.

The Russian technique, he said, relies on the retrograde injection of the filler into the superficial dermal / subdermal plane, thereby tensing and stretching the lips in the cranio-caudal direction (from bottom to top). It does this by creating linear filler struts in the superficial lip level that prevent the lip from collapsing and create an upward movement instead of an outward protrusion that is characteristic of classic (and at this point antiquated) injection techniques. “

In summary, this means that the injector won’t touch your vermilion border – so you won’t get a “top” lip. Before going to an injector, call ahead and confirm that they know how to perform this technique. Schwartzburg pointed out that it is “challenging” and requires some mastery. It’s best not to let anyone practice on your face, especially since you are paying them a few hundred dollars to inject your lips with filler that will take months to resolve. But yes – lip fillers are only temporary.

If you’re not afraid of needles but are afraid of fillers, you can try a botox lip blow, which affects the muscle above your mouth and gradually turns your upper lip outward.

“Lip flips can be hit or missed. I think they’re a great option for someone trying to research lip augmentation but is on the fence about lip filler. It is important to remember that a lip flip cannot create volume as it can only create the appearance of a larger and upturned upper lip, ”Schwartzburg said, noting that many patients choose to have a lip flip and a half serving of filler.

No matter what you do, you are beautiful as you are. But your looks are fun to play with, so never feel bad about it if you want to.