If you’ve been in downtown Bozeman for an extended period of time, there’s a very good opportunity to get Buzzard’s job done.

Just passing Buzzard, Buzzard paints the windows of downtown shops and cuts ice off the sidewalks for people in wheelchairs or strollers to maneuver onto the sidewalks. He usually gets paid for the window graphics, but chopping the ice is something he does for free so that men and women who have mobility issues like him can use the sidewalks year round.

Now, over 100 people have donated to a GoFundMe arranged by the downtown organization’s owner Billy McWilliams to aid Buzzard’s apparent obsolete debts and prepare his home for a new bicycle incident that results in hip medical procedures for the artist led.

“Everyone loves their artwork in their home windows,” said McWilliams, who owns the adult boutique Erotique and is a friend of Buzzard. “There are a lot of similar things for Buzzard in downtown Bozeman. We felt that we had to help him immediately after his accident. “

The fundraiser raised nearly $ 5,000, which McWilliams said was spent on things like new, safer furnishings for Buzzard’s apartment and a new bike for him in the immediate aftermath of the predecessor’s accident. It also cleared a few obsolete funds owed.

“It’s just part of the downtown stuff, it’s so constructive and enjoyable and wonderfully unusual,” said McWilliams. “All of this only serves to make everyday life comfortable and much better. He delivers people (side by side) in a unique way, through his works of art and through his cheers. “

And art is what Buzzard is about.

Buzzard has lived in Bozeman for about seven years. He was homeless for much of that time, despite claims in recent years that the Human Resources Development Council helped him get into an apartment. Some of the things he explained changed his life.

“I could go in and walk barefoot and stick my toes and use my walker,” he said. That was a big deal for him, and he mentioned that it had a great deal to do with his mobility, mental health, and fitness issues while they can still be problems from time to time.

Shortly after moving listed here, he began portraying windows for free or for groceries and downsizing. But as he honed his craft, he began to be more consistently compensated, although under no circumstances it was about the funds for him.

“I wasn’t looking to make dollars from it even though people would give me money,” said Buzzard.

Due to the fact that Buzzard is basically performing works of art all the time, he usually improves.

“I train and master regularly and improve in real time,” he reported. “I used to use tape to draw a straight line, you know, but now I can just write freehand and balance it out while visually walking.”

He has painted large murals on the windows of Owenhouse Ace Components’ main street, symbols for the LGBTQ + and BIPOC communities, and, not so long ago, artistic reminders of customers needing masks to store in stores.

“There are some men and women who need to do art, appropriately? Which one is he. He’s disappointed when he doesn’t do art, he lives for it, ”McWilliams explained of Buzzard. “It’s great to see the local community really come together based on what he has, who he is, what he exudes.”

Buzzard stated that he says “almost everyone” he speaks to that he loves her. He’s bought so much of it that he can’t hold it, he explained.

“I’m so pleased that I can’t take it from time to time,” said Buzzard. “Everyone helped me, I just can’t thank you enough.”

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