August 24, 2021

Today Rockstar Games unveiled the latest weekly reset for Red Dead Online that will include lots of discounts and even a cute double experience. We’ve compiled a list of everything players can expect this week right from the press release below.

  • New discounts: 30% discount on all Kladruber horses, vests, shirts and corsets, 40% on all role emotes, the semi-automatic shotgun and the semi-automatic pistol, and 50% on all supplies and consumables in the butcher and general store
  • Double XP on Blood money contracts, plus an offer for a 30% discount on an Ability Card upgrade for the complete conclusion of a contract (awarded within 72 hours), with an increased chance of discovering capitals in committing crimes
  • A reward for a free treasure map for completing five role challenges by August 30th (awarded within 72 hours)
  • The Quick Draw Club No. 2 is still available with 25 reward tiers, and a Free Halloween Pass 2 reward is earned by players who purchase all four installments from The Quick Draw Club
  • Prime Gaming benefits: Players who connect to Prime Gaming before August 30th will receive a reward for a free hat up to Rank 15, as well as offers for 50% off the Rolling Block Rifle and 30% off select Wilderness Outfitters camp gear


Merchants across Red Dead Online are running all sorts of discounts and specials this week, including 30% off all Kladruber horses in the stable, 40% off the semi-automatic shotgun and semi-automatic pistol at all gunsmiths, half on all supplies and consumables in the butcher and general store and more.

  • 30% discount on all Kladruber horses
  • 40% discount on all role emotes
  • 50% discount on all supplies and consumables in the butcher & general store
  • 40% discount on the semi-automatic shotgun and the semi-automatic pistol
  • 30% discount on all vests, shirts and corsets

In other Red Dead Online news, Grammy-nominated blues guitarist and singer Christone “Kingfish” Ingram’s exclusive track is now available for streaming on all major digital music services. Players will notice this artist from the first official Blood Money trailer as he is responsible for performing the song on the track and also plays the man who sings him in the game, Bluewater John.

If you are interested, you can check out the track that can be found on Apple Music and Spotify.