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Smoothies (and smoothie bowls) may be just a step away from baby food, but unlike the things in the tiny jars, you can control what’s in them. (Which probably means that you are a little closer to “Tutti Frutti” than to “Eating Turkey with Vegetables”, but to each one for themselves).

If you consider yourself a smoothie connoisseur, you might be interested to hear about a new position that pays $ 25,000 to use your knowledge of mixed fruits and vegetables. Here’s what you need to know.

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The work

The successful applicant will be the first Smoothie bowl sommelier for ninja, Supplier of powerful mixers. The gig pays $ 25,000 and lasts about two months. The main tasks include:

  • Act as the spokesperson for the company and its products
  • Development of custom thick smoothie bowl recipes and aesthetically pleasing images of smoothie bowls that will be available on the company’s website
  • Tips for making smoothies
  • Host a virtual event to help consumers add “Smoothie Bowl Master” to their resumes

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How do I apply?

First, you’ll need to submit an introductory video explaining why you are perfect for the job, a resume reflecting your “passion for smoothie bowls,” and a photo of the most creative smoothie bowl you have ever made to have.

While you don’t need smoothie-specific experience or training to complete the tasks associated with this role, applications are screened against pre-set qualifications, including:

  • A demanding palate
  • Proven passion for food (especially smoothie bowls) and a healthy lifestyle
  • Obsession with creativity and food that looks as good as it tastes
  • Spends much of her free time in the kitchen or in the grocery store
  • Interest in acting as spokesman for the company and its products
  • Convenient hosting of virtual events
  • A registered dietitian is a plus
  • Health / wellness-oriented social media presence is a plus

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read this full job description for additional details and click here to access the application. All required materials (application, résumé, video) are due by February 12th.

If you’re not looking for a job right now but still want to improve your smoothie game, here are some Recipes to get you started.