3. A dark night

“When I started my radio career there was this artist. And he had the # 1 song on the R&B charts at the time. He came and did an interview on my radio show and asked me to have dinner. So I say, ‘Yes’ “said Wendy. The night quickly took a turn, however. “He wanted to change for his own party. When we went to his hotel, he invited me into his room and I left. He goes to the bathroom to do everything. When he comes out he’s wearing nothing. A pair of boxers. And I’m wondering, “OK what’s going to happen?” My stupid bum, instead of just getting up and walking out, I think, OK, I’ll see how far this will go. I don’t want to have sex. I want to not wanting to deal with an artist he pushed himself on top of me and he raped me. And after that I went and went home and scrubbed my skin, cried. That was it. I didn’t tell anyone. I just did it handled. “

When an off-camera producer asked why she has never named her attacker, Wendy replied, “It’s my story. I know I can say his name, but guess what, I’ll let him breathe. Because He was a one-hit miracle. Thank goodness I’m not dead or sick, you know? If anything, it made me more focused and determined to get on with my life. “