Erin Andrews and Tom Bergeron Maybe they are no longer the co-hosts of Dancing With the Stars, but they still have some bond.

On March 18, Tom took to Instagram to share a photo of him and Erin enjoying a drink together in a restaurant, along with the caption, “Reunited & it feels so good with @erinandrews”.

In the comments, Erin joked: “Bag of tequila after bag of tequila !!!”

Cat Deeley, the host of So You Think You Can Dance, added, “If only I could have sat at the next table … it would have been like the old days.”

Erin has reposted Tom’s photo on her own Instagram account. She even teased that the two might be up to something interesting in the caption, and wrote, “Always something in the works.”

It wasn’t the only picture shared that day. Tom also posted a photo of him and Erin arm in arm on Instagram, along with the caption, “This reunion deserves another post.”

This meeting takes place less than a year after Tom and Erin announced that they would no longer host Dancing With the Stars. Tom had worked on the show since its premiere in 2005, while Erin, a former DWTS contestant, joined in as a co-host in 2014. Tyra Banks has since taken over as program manager.