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The thought of recording a video for your future self sounds silly and reminds you of third grade when you might be directed to write a letter to yourself.

But everyone is going through emotional ups and downs – especially during this historic pandemic – so it is good to be able to remind the future what it is like to be happy, even when it comes to staring at a camera and speaking by name to address. A look into a happier past can show you that things can and will get better again.

For this reason, you should consider chatting in front of the camera and saving the video for later, darker times. It can be a worthwhile tool to resort to when life seems bleak and it is difficult to remember anything else.

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Seeing yourself in a better mood is living proof

Depression can overwhelm the idea of ​​a light at the end of the tunnel. When the feelings of the drudgery are too overwhelming, one look at yourself in a happier time can provide living evidence that the bad times will eventually run their course. A picture of yourself can be a powerful balm as opposed to verbal assurances expressed by a friend, family member, or therapist. It is not a vague idea of ​​overcoming an emotional setback, but a real-life example of how you are living in more joyful times.

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This is essentially the same as positive self-talk that you gave yourself in the past to save for future reference. Although many people do not take it for granted that The benefits of positive thinking and self-talk are numerous. Hearing why you have reasons to be grateful and why you can look forward to things could go even further than hearing from someone else.

Illustration for article titled Record a video of yourself when you are happy when you are sad

Tell yourself it will get better

Unless you’re an influencer who is constantly standing around in selfie-silence, talking into your phone with the camera on can be uncomfortable. So practice it. Try a few takes to get it right eventually, if you have to.

As you record the message, focus on why you are happy in that moment. Think about things that you are grateful for and that got you to that exact moment when you feel good about yourself. There’s no need to sugar-coat anything – in fact, it is best to acknowledge that you are recording this message for a future where you may have trouble. Above all, in the video, explain that it is possible to regain happiness and that, despite the sometimes fluctuating emotional path that you have to navigate, things can and will get better.

This video is just insurance – a sign of the future that you can forget until you need it. It probably won’t be enough to cure a longstanding bout of depression –There are many professionals who can help with this– But hearing assurances about yourself in a carefree and natural state of happiness can make a world of difference when you need it.