Make money tip: Life after retirement must be planned from the beginning of the career. According to tax and investment experts, investing as early as possible is one of the ideas that can be used to make money for an employed or high-income youngster. What matters is how to make money with money is an art that an earner must develop as quickly as possible. Retirement provision is becoming even more complex for the investor employed in the non-organized sector. For such earners, the central government has introduced Atal Pension Yojana (APY), and the APY table suggests that a smart investor can manage a monthly pension of Rs 5,000 by investing Rs 210 per month or saving Rs 7 per day !

What APY Chart Says
APY is administered by the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) under the National Pension System (NPS). As part of this small savings plan, the beneficiaries are guaranteed a minimum monthly pension of between Rs 1,000 and Rs 5,000. With this small savings program, an investor can start investing from the age of 18 and expect a pension after reaching the age of 60. The earlier the investment starts, the lower the monthly premium and the higher the profit, suggests the APY chart.

Atal Pension Scheme Chart
Commenting on the APY program, Manikaran Singhal, founder of, said: “Atal Pension Yojana, an investor can open an APY account between the ages of 18 and 40 and continue investing until the age of 60, after which the investor is entitled on the monthly annuity, which varies between Rs 1,000 and 5,000. The monthly annuity that an investor desires must be determined at the time of opening the APY account, and based on the monthly fixed annuity, the monthly APY premium is determined. “

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APY monthly premium
Jitendra Solanki, a SEBI registered tax and investment professional, explained the APY chart: “If an investor opens an APY account at the age of 18, their monthly APY pension premium is Rs 1,000 for Rs 42, for APY a Rs 2,000 monthly annuity premium is Rs 84, APY premium for Rs 3,000 monthly annuity is Rs 126, APY monthly premium for Rs 4,000 monthly annuity is Rs 168, while for Rs 5,000 annuity the monthly premium is Rs 210. “

APY calculator
Solanki added that for a 40 year old APY account holder, the APY table suggests that the APY premium is Rs 291 for a monthly APY annuity of Rs 1,000. This premium is doubled for a monthly annuity of Rs 2,000 while for a monthly annuity of Rs 4,000 and Rs 5,000 monthly annuity, this monthly premium of Rs 291 for Rs 1,000 annuity is three times, four times and five times of Rs 291.

When an 18 year old starts investing in Atal Pension Yojana, the APY table suggests that they receive an annual pension of Rs 60,000 for their monthly investment of Rs 210 or a daily investment of Rs 7.