IF pizza is your choice this Valentine’s Day, let’s round up some of the best dominoes deals to save you money.

The best deal is £ 38.66 worth of groceries for just £ 19.99 – a saving of £ 18.67.


Domino’s has launched a new Absolute Banger pizza for Valentine’s Day

For this package – the so-called “Winter Survival Deal” – you get a large pizza, garlic pizza bread, potato wedges, cookies and a 1.25 liter bottle of drink.

Another package – the Mega Mix Deal – cuts the price of groceries from £ 34.96 to £ 21.99 – a difference of £ 12.97.

Since most domino chains are franchise businesses, not all stores participate in these offers. We explain below.

Domino’s Pizza can be delivered to your home and picked up with a click of the mouse.

Dominos new Absolute Banger Pizza

DOMINO’S only launched a new pizza for Valentine’s Day.

The Absolute Banger contains pepperoni slices, fiery chorizo ​​and sizzling sausage on tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.

When we checked online, the prices for a personal pizza were between 7.99 and 9.99 euros, and for a large one between 19.99 and 21.99 euros.

Prices vary between branches.

Josh Engleman, Senior Sausage Cutter at Domino’s, said, “Our customers love a Mighty Meaty. That’s why we decided to add up the fun by serving some serious sausage with our latest product launch.

“The Absolute Banger combines four delicious sausages, each offering something different.

“With the perfect combination of spices and smoke, we can’t wait for customers to try the Absolute Banger.”

Here are some of the best deals for this weekend:

Dominos offers for Valentine’s Day

We have divided the following offers by region.

If your city isn’t mentioned below, you can enter your zip code on the Domino website to see what offers are available in your area.

All available offers are listed in the “Offers” section of the website.

When you find the offer you want, click on it and it will be applied to your shopping cart.

Domino’s exclusive offers change regularly. So always check what the nearest store is offering.

London – Winter Survival Deal – Large pizza, garlic pizza bread, potato wedges and cookies, and 1.25 liter drink for £ 19.99 (saving £ 18.67)

According to Domino, you get this saving if you order the new Absolute Banger or another pizza for the same price as well as the Coca-Cola classic for your drink.

Manchester – Mega Mix Deal – Big pizza, any filling side, any seven-piece chicken side, and dessert for £ 21.99 (save £ 12.97)

Diners save so much by ordering the Absolute Banger pizza or another pizza that costs the same price, potato wedges, seven chicken strippers and cookies.

Liverpool – Home Alone Deal – A medium pizza, garlic pizza bread, or potato wedges and a 500ml drink for £ 14.99 (save £ 10.84)

That amount is saved when you order the Absolute Banger pizza or any other pizza that costs the same price, potato wedges, and Coca-Cola classics.

Birmingham – Lunch savers – Any personal pizza, garlic pizza bread or potato wedges and a 500ml drink for £ 4.99 when you collect (save £ 11.84)

Save this amount when you order the Absolute Banger pizza or another pizza for the same price, as well as Coca-Cola Classic.

The above prices include delivery.

If you plan to order your pizza in stores, ask the person behind the counter if they have any specials.

You should also be wary of minimum internet spend.

How do I find Domino’s discount codes?

You can also try looking for discount codes to save money at Domino’s.

LatestDeals.co.uk has a “Domino’s Pizza Voucher Finder” on its website where you can enter your zip code to get the latest deals.

The tool was developed by Tom Church, co-founder of LatestDeals. He states that there are around 32,000 coupons in 800 stores across the UK.

For example, if we searched with a zip code, we found a 35% discount when you spend € 40 or more.

Any other code will give you 25% off when you spend € 30 or more.

Domino’s has around 1,000 stores in the UK and you can find the closest one using the online finder.

While prices vary, large pizza typically costs around £ 20.99 while a medium pizza costs around £ 18.99.


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