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Dyson AM10 humidifier + fan | $ 200 | Newegg

We’re finally done by the end of winter – well, most of America is anyway. Here in Minnesota, we expect at least another snowfall or two before it suddenly turns summer. But for most of the country we are starting to reach that strange room of the year where the weather can’t decide what it is. Then I imagine something like that Dyson AM10 humidifier and fan would be most practical.

You can use it to add much-needed moisture to the air, but the fan is also great for adding a nice breeze once the warm temperatures come back up for just a moment $ 200 now at Newegg, a 20% discount.

If you’ve used a Dyson product, you know that these devices come with a certain Quality Score that makes it easier to swallow a higher price tag. So don’t miss a big discount!

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