The nostalgia for the 2000s is stronger than ever (Bennifer, we’re looking at you), so it only fitting that one of the most discussed feuds of the decade has recently re-entered the cultural conversation.

Interest in MTV sensation The Hills, which was signed after six seasons in July 2010, has never really gone away. After all, The Hills: New Beginnings continues to captivate viewers after recently broadcasting its thrilling second season finale.

But the original series got back into the zeitgeist with renewed zeal this week Heidi Monday‘s bombshell interview on the Call Her Daddy podcast. During the explosive sit-down, the 34-year-old reality TV star reopened old wounds by sharing critical words about the way she feels as a former roommate and co-star Lauren Conrad treated her, in addition to the disparagement of LC’s Post Hills Walk.

Heidi said that Kristin Cavallari is more successful than Lauren, who “didn’t do it the way she should”. Heidi also said of the 35-year-old co-founder of Little Market: “When this whole Spencer thing happened, she said, ‘If you go out with Spencer, you’re off the show.’ How dare you and I’m not your dog. “