Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins‘An eye for style is simply “unforgettable”.

As the couple continue to delight fans with their family memories and love story, many followers are curious to get a glimpse of their personal lives in Nashville. Ladies and gentlemen, do we have good news for you?

In the August / September 2021 edition of House Beautiful, the two opened their Nashville home and the lower rooms are the real stars of the show.

“I really wanted it to feel like our grandparents’ home,” Lauren told the publication. “Their homes – and the memories that were made in them – inspired us to build homes for our family and friends.”

With the help of the interior designer April Tomlin, Thomas Rhett and Lauren were able to create a perfect space for three children that can add even more charm to the property.

“There are already stains on the carpets, markings on the walls, fingernail polish on the hardwood floors, but it’s a real and happy home,” added Lauren. “I love how much love there is in it.”