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There are many ways to share music with your friends through Spotify, but the company is Introduction of a new “blend” function It allows users to automatically create a shared playlist that is updated daily based on both listeners’ musical tastes. Blends are available to all free and premium users, and you can invite anyone else to create a blend together. Spotify does the curation process itself, filling the playlist with tracks it believes both listeners will enjoy.

Blend doesn’t just focus on shared favorites, however. All tracks that a person has added to their favorites, added to their library or heard in the past can end up in the playlist.

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Screenshot: Brendan Hesse

You’ll see your Taste Match Score when you start a new blend to see how your preferences match those of your friends, but even people with similar tastes can get unexpected – or downright weird – mixed playlists.

To test the function, I made a blend with my partner. According to Spotify, we have a taste match score of 73 percent – which makes it because she and I are die-hard metalheads (we literally met in a mosh pit).

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Still, that slight offset of 27 percent makes for a pretty eclectic mix, with our favorite death metal and hardcore punk bands sharing the limelight with Megan Thee Stallion, Run the Jewels, and video game soundtracks.

Of course, if you have a mix that clashes too much, both users can favor or hide songs from their own blend without affecting the other user’s playlist. But the potential for weird playlists is clearly part of the allure of Blend Mode: seeing your music tastes match with your friends and family, and sharing new music with each other.

How to create a mix with someone on Spotify

  1. Open Spotify and select that “Seek” Tab.
  2. Scroll down and tap “Made for you.”
  3. Choose “Create a mix. “
  4. Pick a friend to mix with. If you don’t have any Spotify friends yet, tap “invite” to share the blend link with a phone contact through your messaging, email, or social media app.
  5. Your friend needs to accept the invitation to create the mix. You will receive an in-app notification and a push notification as soon as the blend is ready. You can also tap “Share this story” to share the playlist in other social media apps.
  6. Your blends can be accessed from the Library tab.