A man wrote on Reddit about his wife who really wants to set up a nursery for her baby, but he says it’s just not worth it given her situation.

Do you remember when you first found out about your pregnancy and everything was so exciting that you immediately wanted to plan and buy all the baby items? The nursery is a big deal for many new parents, especially if it’s their first pregnancy.

A woman wants to set up a day nursery for her imminent arrival, but her husband is not there – do you think he’s right?

She is happy to set up a day care center. Source: iStock.

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“My wife would like to furnish a nursery”

“My wife is five months pregnant. This will be our second child, but the first one we will give birth to (our oldest is adopted),” the man wrote in his post on Reddit.

He went on to say that his wife would like to move their eldest child to a larger bedroom that is currently used as a warehouse and turn their old room into a nursery for the new baby, but he says it was a waste of money.

“When we had our daughter, she slept in a cot in our room until she was almost three years old and I suspect the new baby will stay in our room for two,” he explained.

“We’re also actively looking for a new home, so I don’t expect the new child in this house to ever need a room of their own.”

He suggested that they use the same space in their large master bedroom as their daughter’s and fix it, rather than his wife’s proposed new bedroom, which he predicts will cost at least $ 2,000.

He said, “We’re not fighting for money by any means, but $ 2,000 is still not change, especially when we used up our savings on new HVAC last December [heating, ventilation and air conditioning]. “

He is asked if he is wrong if he wants to save money by modernizing a corner of his bedroom instead of moving the room and putting money into a new nursery when they hope to move in the future anyway.

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It is her first pregnancy. Source: iStock.

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“This is nesting”

There seemed to be a conflict between practicality and a mother’s need to “nest”.

A person on Reddit asked if the man’s wife is involved in having the baby in the room for two years and planning the move.

“Yes, she’s the one who wants another home and is actively looking for it,” he explained. “And our daughter was almost three before she stopped sleeping in our room (in her own cot) even though she had her own room.”

“Setting up a kindergarten isn’t just about practicality,” commented one person. “It’s a way for your wife to show her love for the upcoming addition to the family, and it can be great fun.

One commenter said, “This is ‘nesting’ – when pregnant women feel compelled to do and fix the house before the baby arrives. You can compromise baby supplies as well as space in your room. “

Another added, “Nesting is a real thing for pregnant women and she MUST be able to do it.”

They said denying the ability to nest negatively affected their own mental health.

“Find a compromise with your wife, but please don’t deny her the ability to nest,” they urged. “It’s a hormonal and psychological need that she has no control over.”

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