A BEAUTY that hates spending has shown that it gets all of its beauty items from a farm.

Pelin Mathis from Georgia is an avowed curmudgeon and pampers her customers with face masks made from cat litter and creams made from udder jelly.


Pelin Mathis is a beautician but hates spending money on beauty itemsImage Credit: TLC

And with a grand bridal shower expected in the salon, Pelin is making a special trip to the farm to collect more supplies.

Speaking of TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates, Pelin says, “The most expensive thing about in-store bridal showers is they want expensive lotions and expensive creams.

“I actually figured out how to have these bridal showers without spending a lot of money.”

Pelin explains that many of the ingredients in salon beauty products are the same as animal base products.


She makes the face masks in her salon out of cat litterImage Credit: TLCPelin uses shampoo for horses instead of luxury hair care brands


Pelin uses shampoo for horses instead of luxury hair care brandsImage Credit: TLC

“Clay Kitty Litter has exactly the same ingredients you’d find in a $ 200 clay facial mask,” she says.

Pelin also buys a Mane n Tail horse shampoo, as well as two large tubs of udder jelly, which is essentially petroleum jelly.

She says, “I have about 50 ways to use petroleum jelly. You can use it for your lip balm salt scrub, a foot scrub, you can use it for almost anything. “

Udder jelly is used in many pelin beauty treatments


Udder jelly is used in many pelin beauty treatmentsShe says she has 50 different uses for the udder jelly


She says she has 50 different uses for the udder jellyImage Credit: TLC

She adds, “If I had gone to the beauty store, I would have probably spent well over $ 100, so it worked out perfectly.

“When I have more money in my pocket, I just feel good.”

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