LIVERPOOL’s big summer deal Thiago is still struggling to adapt to Jürgen Klopp’s style of play, while the Premier League champions are slipping drastically this season.

Thiago hit a much-acclaimed £ 20m deal in September after winning a triple with Bayern Munich but has yet to score a goal or support in the English top division.


Liverpool insiders are reportedly concerned that Thiago is adjusting to Jurgen Klopp’s gamePhoto credit: PA: Press Association

A promising start has been disrupted by injuries and illnesses and now some members of the club are reportedly concerned that he has still not adapted to Klopp’s style of football, according to Athletic.

These club insiders are apparently concerned that he cannot push in the same way as Jordan Henderson, Fabinho or Georginio Wijnaldum.

That squeeze is one of the most important elements in Klopp’s game and has helped Liverpool forcefully push their rivals aside for a top division title in 30 years.

This campaign was embarrassing by comparison, as the Reds are eighth in the Premier League.



Klopp committed Thiago to a big fanfare in September, but the move didn’t work outImage credit: AFP

And Thiago has become one of the figureheads for one of the worst title defenses in history.

The report said the Spaniard felt exposed by the lack of a midfielder next to him, with Fabino and Henderson appearing as middle halves in Virgil van Dijk’s forced absence.

Club members insist that the circumstances of his arrival at the club are the cause of his disappointing start.

A source told the Athletic, “It’s just adjustment. With this guy, it’s not a matter of attitude, professionalism, or trust.

“And tell me someone who has done well for Liverpool over the past few months? It’s not easy to just walk in and flash it. “

Absence has limited Thiago to 18 games this season, but he started with a 2-0 win over RB Leipzig on Wednesday to lead Liverpool to the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

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