All I ever want is to put my Facebook news feed on chronological. I don’t care what I think Facebook should be watching or what it thinks are the most popular posts on my network of friends. I just want to see all of the posts based on the time they are posted. That’s it.

I have gone to great lengths It served me well for making this possible on my desktop PC, and aside from a couple of quirks that kept getting redirected to Facebook every time I tried to exit the site.

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However, Facebook is now a way of making it a little easier to get a more customized news feed within its iOS and Android apps. As you scroll down through your feed, you’ll see a small bar at the top of the app’s window that lets you stay with the algorithmic feed “Home” or switch to the “Favorites” and “Recently Used” feeds:

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Remember, you curate the Favorites feed yourself. Tap it, then tap Manage Favorites to add different people and pages to your favorites list. They’ll show up near the top of your news feed when they have something to say, and they’re the only entities that show up on your favorites feed.

However, the “latest” feed is just that: everything you can see on your Facebook news feed, but in chronological order. But there is one quirk that is worth considering in this entire setup. You can tap the settings-like icon to the right of Recently Used. This seems to mean that you are choosing a default option for your newsfeed:

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Unfortunately, this is not the case. Tapping on these options does the same thing as tapping them directly on that little sticky bar. Close and restart your Facebook app. You will find that your Home News Feed is used by default.

One step forward; two steps back. We’re approaching the Holy Grail here – a way to choose a default feed – but I’m also suspicious that we’ll ever get that option as it is obviously in Facebook’s best interest to show you a wide variety of content than say let’s see what 20-30 people post. But I will keep going. And I’ll keep looking for a nifty hack that defaults to using a chronological feed on my Facebook apps forever.