While it’s unclear whether Milo is aware of the craze for his gym, he has previously revealed that being labeled a sex symbol is “not uncomfortable”.

“I think I try my best to portray what men could be, what is friendly, what gives, what is not a pushover,” said the actor in a 2017 interview about SiriusXM’s Bevelations. “Don’t get confused … just be a strong man, a good man, contribute to the world instead of taking it away. I think about it [doing] that, you will attract a good buddy. “

He continued, “You will attract someone who will admire you for who you are, maybe not how your nose is in relation to your chin.”

Milo also thanked for the enthusiastic fan base.

“I make people smile and approach me and love what I’m involved in,” he explained. “If only I can give them back and make them feel as important … as they make me feel like saying, ‘I appreciate what you do.’ Well, I appreciate that you appreciate what I do. And I only appreciate you as a person sitting in front of me. Hell, man! ‘”