Neil Patrick Harris‘Husband David Burtka with the help of loved ones, recovers from a planned but “intensive” spinal surgery.

How I Met Your Mom, 47, shared the update on his partner’s health on Wednesday February 3rd. He posted a photo on Instagram of Burtka, 45, lying on a New York hospital bed smiling and giving two thumbs up and wearing a ruff while on an IV.

“David is recovering from spinal surgery,” Harris wrote. “It was pretty intense, lasted over seven hours, but he’s in a good mood and fine. It’s one of the more frightening, hopeless feelings – hoping for the best, trying not to fear the worst, on a phone call with news wait. Everything went according to plan. Whew …! Two thumbs up. I love you @dbelicious. Your strength inspires me. And thanks to NY-Presbyterian Hospital for everything. “

Harris later commented to a fan that Burtka’s surgery was “planned for a while,” adding, “Three disks are tails #triplefusion.”

The next day, Burtka posted photos of flowers sent by friends on his Instagram Stories, as well as cards from his and Harris’ 10-year-old twins. Gideon and Harper.