During the quarantine, Condor spent a lot of time with her boyfriend Anthony De La Torre in Seattle, where she moved not long ago.

“My friend and I recently downloaded the Calm app because we are trying very hard to come up with a proper bedtime routine which is very difficult in quarantine because what time is it, you know?” She says. “You can listen Matthew McConaughey Read you a bedtime story. If that’s not self-sufficiency, I don’t know what it is. We literally lay in bed just listening to him rock us to sleep. That’s all! Who knew? Matthew McConaughey, in our own bedroom! “

She also keeps up with her cast mates from To All the Boys.

“”[Noah Centineo¬†and I] We worked together for Black Lives Matter and ran this fundraiser, “she says.” It was really cool to work with him in another role that wasn’t just our project. I felt like I learned so many new things about Noah that I never knew I knew his heart pretty well. And I know his thoughts pretty well, but this year I feel like I understand him even better, which is really cool. “

As for the February 12 release of To All the Boys: Always and forever, Lara Jean, Condor has mixed feelings.

“I think I will miss the cast the most,” she said. “And I’m not ready to say goodbye to it like I haven’t processed it at all. Not at all. The moment I watch it on Netflix, don’t expect to hear from me. I’ll cry in mine.” Closet on the floor for hours. “