OnePlus Watch Cobalt Limited Edition REVIEW: As India continues to see a surge in smart wearable markets, global smartphone brand OnePlus launched its first smartwatch “OnePlus Watch” in India earlier this year to attract more Indian consumers, after doing well with premium Android smartphones segment.

After successfully launching its first smartwatches in India, the company recently launched a new OnePlus Watch Cobalt Limited Edition smartwatch in the country for 19,999 rupees. The OnePlus Watch Cobalt Limited Edition is almost 5,000 rupees more expensive than the Midnight Black and Moonlight Silver color variants of the OnePlus Watch. I’ve been using this Cobalt Limited Edition variant for more than two weeks and here is what I have to say about this high quality and beautiful smartwatch from OnePlus.

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In terms of design, the overall design and new look of this smartwatch is beautiful and gives you a premium feel. This smartwatch has the cobalt alloy frame instead of the stainless steel frame – “the world’s first smartwatch to use the cobalt alloy,” the company claims. Cobalt alloy is a special hypoallergenic material that is twice as hard and more corrosion-resistant than conventional stainless steel. The charging pins and the heart rate sensor are located on the back of the smartwatch,

The new smartwatch also has a sapphire crystal for more brightness. With a Mohs rating of 9, the smartwatch offers you scratch resistance. The Cobalt Limited Edition seems to be OnePlus’ attempt to appeal to premium customers. The watch comes with the general 46mm round dial and the overall design and new look of this smartwatch will impress you. In addition, this limited edition offers the same seamless experience as the OnePlus watch and offers users 14 days of battery life along with fast charging, 110 types of workouts and the water resistance of 5ATM + IP68.

At only 67 grams, the OnePlus Watch Cobalt Limited Edition is extremely light, makes it comfortable during training and is actually a perfect companion for the wrist all day long. With a leather strap and a butterfly buckle, this multitasking special edition of OnePlus Smartwatch gives your wrist a first-class look. Overall, this OnepPlus smartwatch has hit decent markets in terms of design and looks.

OnePlus Watch Cobalt Limited Edition 1.39 inch AMOLED display with 454 × 454 pixel resolution and 326 PPI. By connecting the watch to smartphones via Bluetooth, you can easily take calls, read incoming notifications and messages right on the screen. The display is sharp and bright, and a feature like “auto-brightness” makes it easy to use in different lighting conditions. You can download a variety of watch faces from ‘OnePlus Health’ for free so you can switch styles whenever you want.

Not only is the design of the OnePlus Watch Cobalt Limited Edition not complex and very easy to use. For easy access, the company has only placed two buttons on the right side of the device. The bottom button acts as the power button, and the top buttons take you to key apps including – activities, exercise, exercise records, quick fitness test, heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep, stress, and more.

If you swipe right, you’ll see options like heart rate, sleep data, music, and various other features. If you swipe left, features such as training modes will appear. Swipe down and you will find options like DND mode, brightness setting, main setting option, flashlight and when swiping recent notifications and messages. The OnePlus Watch Cobalt Limited Edition also comes with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. All of these modes worked fine during the trial period.

The greatest strength of the OnePlus Watch Cobalt Limited Edition series is that the device offers an SpO2 sensor to detect blood oxygen levels. Aside from the SpO2 function, the OnePlus Watch 110 supports training modes, including jogging, running, marathon, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling. Other functions of the watch include stress detection and a fast heart rate alarm. IT is able to automatically detect activities such as running a jogging advertisement.

The smartwatch has 4 GB of standalone memory (2 GB for actual use), enough for over 500 songs. The OnePlus Watch Cobalt Limited Edition has 5 ATM as well as IP68 certification for dust and water resistance. This means that they are waterproof to a depth of 50 meters for 10 minutes. It is also equipped with a standalone GPS with four satellite positioning.

The long-lasting battery is a highlight. In terms of battery performance, the 402 mAh battery offers you enough power for up to two weeks of sustainable use and up to a week of performance with heavy use. The smartwatch didn’t disappoint at all for basic tasks like travel and physical activity. It worked smoothly. The only thing this smartwatch missed is – ‘Always on display features that many competing brands offer in smartwatches.

Verdict: Priced at Rs 19,999, the OnePlus Watch Cobalt Limited Edition can be a great choice for those looking for a class on smartwatches. This smartwatch ticked most of the right boxes in terms of design, battery life, and overall performance. For those looking for a lightweight, sleek, multi-function fitness smartwatch, this OnePlus smartwatch is one of those wearable ones.