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Bath bombs have two main functions: They look pretty and they smell good. The sandy, colorful balls transform your bathtub into a swirling, foaming, psychedelic-looking, luxuriously scented body of water as soon as you throw them in the tub. However, for them to work effectively, you should keep them as dry as possible until you are ready to use them.

Illustration for article titled Save Your Bath Bombs With Clothes Or Bedding

Bath bombs get their fizz from an acid-base reaction that starts when you expose them to moisture. Think of the baking soda and vinegar volcanoes you made as a kid – this is basically a bath bomb, except the acid is crystallized critic acid (instead of liquid acetic acid) and there are many other ingredients, like moisturizing oils. beautiful dyes and annoying glitter. As soon as this crystallized acid hits the water, it dissolves and begins to interact with the baking soda. Then the magic happens. It takes a fair bit of water to really make things bubble, but sitting in a humid environment (like your bathroom) can cause your bath bomb to deteriorate while it’s waiting to be deployed.

Don’t keep them in your bathroom, I say. There is the water. Instead, keep them in your linen closet, lingerie drawer, or some other fabric container. It keeps the bombs in better condition and gives your sheets, delicates or socks their scent.

Keep the bath bombs in their original packaging or put them in a small brown paper bag and tuck them away in your drawers and cupboards to add a more pleasant scent to the things contained in these rooms. Bonus: it could keep your cats out of your underwear drawer. Cats usually don’t care about the scent, especially if that scent puts a heavy load on the citrus fruits (not sure how they feel about patchouli).

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