This is the shocking moment when a postal worker is brutally attacked by two women who allegedly tried to steal $ 1,400 stimulus checks from strangers.

The worker was attacked outside the River Village Apartments in Flint, Michigan, Thursday.


Shocking footage shows a postal worker being pulled out of her carPhoto credit: Facebook / Chuck Glo


The footage shows the victim being beaten and kicked on the groundPhoto credit: Facebook / Chuck GloTwo women were seen beating the postal worker on the floor


Two women were seen beating the postal worker on the floorPhoto credit: Facebook / Chuck Glo

She was repeatedly beaten and kicked after the two women hit their van with their car.

The alleged thieves were allegedly in the van after the stimulus money, reports the New York Post.

However, the Postal Service’s US Legal Department said there was “no indication” that the postal worker was attacked for stimulus controls.

One man who recorded the fight saw it differently, as can be seen from the shocking online footage.

“Bro, you hit the postman!” you can hear him say. “You are trying to get this stimulus … this is serious!”

Attack via stimulus tests


Attack via stimulus testsPhoto credit: Getty

Another spectator interfered and said, “You are going to jail.”

Detective Sgt Tyrone Booth of the Flint Police Department declined to say what motivated the violent attack.

“We heard the same thing that you saw on the video,” he told reporters.

Since the break, one woman has been arrested while the other suspect escaped in an SUV.

The police would not publish the name of the arrested woman.

This week the IRS released more than 25 million stimulus checks, bringing the total amount of payments to date to $ 372 billion.


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According to Flint Police, they are working with the U.S. Postal Service to investigate the attack, they said in Friday’s press release.

Arrest warrants for the two suspects have been handed to the Genesee County Attorney’s Office.

Police added that the postal worker had recovered and “is fine”.