Tayshia Adams opens up about how she believes Chris HarrisonDefense of the Bachelor candidate Rachael Kirkconnell was unacceptable.

In Tayshia’s Wondery podcast Clickbait With Bachelor Nation, which she moderates together Joe Amabile and Natasha ParkerThe former Bachelorette leader spoke about Rachel’s social media controversy and Chris’ response to it, which many in Bachelor Nation have labeled problematic.

This week, a Reddit user shared a photo of Rachael who is still at issue Matt James‘Heart on the show, attending an “Antebellum Plantation Ball” fraternity formalism, a racist tradition widely criticized for its glamorization of slavery. . Matt is the nation’s first black bachelor.

In an interview on February 9th about Extra with Rachel LindsayThe host, Bachelor Nation’s first black lead, defended Rachael from the wrath of social media.

“I didn’t speak to Rachael about it,” said Chris. “And here we all need a little grace, a little understanding, a little compassion again. Because I’ve seen a couple of things online – again that judge, jury, and hangman thing – that people just tear up this girl’s it incredibly alarming to see this. I haven’t heard Rachael speak about it yet. And until I actually hear that this woman has a chance to speak who it is. Should I say any of this? “