After a year of people demonstrating in numbers not seen since the 1960s, Lil baby He brought his appearance as best rap song nominee “The Bigger Picture” on the streets of LA and paid tribute to the black men and women killed by the police with a request from the activist Tamika Mallorywho didn’t crush any words.

“President BidenWe demand justice, justice, politics and everything else that includes freedom, “she said urgently. Protesters held signs that read” ENOUGH “and” No more black life “behind them.

HER was a Song of the Year winner for co-authoring “I Can’t Breathe,” her response to the disproportionate number of black victims of police violence.

“Remember, we are the change we want to see and the struggle we had inside of us in summer 2020 keep the same energy,” she said on Sunday. “I Can’t Breathe” was released on June 19th – June 19th, the date of the commemoration of the end of slavery in the US 156 years ago – as well as BeyoncĂ©’s “Black Parade” for which she is the best R&B -Power won.

“As an artist, I believe that it is my job and all of our jobs to reflect on time,” said Bey. “It was such a difficult time so I wanted to celebrate, uplift, encourage, celebrate all the beautiful black queens and kings who continue to inspire me and inspire the whole world.”