Nothing says “my life is totally together” like a perfectly made bed. Indeed we were told time and yet again How bed-making is the key to success. However, if you find that your bed is taking too long to make, we’ve rounded up the fastest methods for each part of the bed-making process:

  • Lay pillowcases on by turning them over and holding the corners.
  • The corner of the fitted sheet with the label is always in the lower left corner of the bed. (The left side when you are in bed.)
  • Place your top sheet with the pattern side down so the pattern is facing up when you fold the sheets down.
  • Pull your duvet cover with the “Burrito method. ”

With these time-saving tricks, your bed will look hotel-friendly and you will have enough time to get the recommended 8.5 hours per night.

This story was originally published on September 13, 2018, and was updated on April 15, 2021.