Royal Quiz Time: What is (Probably) the Best Kept Secret in the Royal Family?

Is it whether the long-standing, but unfounded, rumors that Prince Philip’s Zip worked out pretty well at a young age are believable?

Is it just quite as personable or not how personable the family was to Hitler in the 1930s? Footage, captured in 2015, shows Prince Edward, the future Edward VIII, teaching the Nazi salute to The Queen Mother, Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret.

Or is it why the Queen mysteriously intervened at the eleventh hour to prevent Diana, former butler of Princess of Wales, Paul Burrell, from standing on trial in 2002?

No (Well, at least in my opinion.)

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Rather, I’d bet it’s the true extent of the House of Windsor’s wealth.

Because no soul outside of the queen’s family has any real understanding of the full breadth of the clan’s personal holdings and how much money they have slipped away. (Your family fortune, and not the places, art, and priceless jewelry owned by the Crown.)

This week, the question of the royal house’s finances was brought back into the unpleasant spotlight with the kind permission of the company’s reluctant former employees, Harry and Meghan, Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

It was a seismic, dizzying seven days in which they took a metaphorical sledgehammer into the mystique of the entire royal game and brought charges of shocking racism and cruelty within the palace walls. Questions raised included how the family supports different members.

Speaking to Oprah Winfrey, Harry revealed that he and Meghan had resigned as working members of the royal house last January: “My family literally cut me off financially.”

(Before the Megxit, Prince Charles had supported the couple with around $ 4.49 million a year, according to recent reports from the Duchy of Cornwall.)

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He later added, “The main concern when we were in Canada was in a different house and then I was told on short notice that the security was going to be removed.”

According to Harry, it was the money Diana, Princess of Wales, had left him to save the day financially.

“I have what my mother left me and we couldn’t have done it without that. I think she saw it coming, ”he said.

(This logic is a little shaky when you consider that Diana probably left William the same amount. She, too, foresaw that he would need her money to pay school fees and his wife in a never-ending series of pro-Asian floral dresses to keep?)

The overall picture that was cast of Harry was of the couple (and their young son Archie) who were essentially cast off, suddenly severed from the royal teat, and left with nothing but Diana’s money, her wits, her connections to it Celebrities and their businesses.

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However, when the Windsor House is hit by a dire case of PTSID (Posttraumatic Sussex Interview Disorder), reports emerge suggesting that this money brawl has another side.

Did Charles punish his son in a fit of pique? Or was he tired of making a handful or crunchy preparations for his son and daughter-in-law?

Speaking to The Telegraph, a “well-placed source” said that “Charles, like any parent, is sick of Harry’s constant calls for more money.”

“He invested heavily in the wedding and renovation of Frogmore Cottage (the couple’s Windsor home), doing everything possible to make them feel like they were funded, but when they said they were going to upgrade canes, they pleaded even more, “said the source.

“If he were less inclined to take calls, it could be because he didn’t want to be treated like an ATM. I think a lot of parents will relate to it. “

(God I hope my mother isn’t reading this.)

Any imagination that when they landed in LA last March Harry and Meghan were on Struggle Street, two former HRHs channeling Blanche Dubois and relying on the kindness of strangers (go on, add one here Faints one when you feel like it) one seems a bit rich.

By the time the duo unpacked their meditation stools (I suspect) at the Beverly Hills mansion loaned to them by Hollywood titan Tyler Perry, reports suggest they had millions, if not tens of millions, by that point Dollars in their bank accounts.

When the Princess was tragically killed in Paris in 1997, she left behind £ 12,966,022 ($ 23.3 million), which was reduced to £ 8,502,330 ($ 15.3 million) after paying various death duties. According to The Mirror, “years of wise investments by royal advisors meant the fortune had grown to more than $ 36 million by the time it was returned to Harry and his brother William.”

The Times quoted a more conservative figure this week, reporting that Duke inherited an estimated $ 12.9 million from the late princess’ estate and that “his mother’s legacy may have grown significantly before he was eligible at the age of 30 to take control of it ”.

While a representative from Harry Forbes had previously confirmed that he had received no inheritance from his great-grandmother, the Queen Mother, who left a mysteriously acquired fortune of $ 180 million when she went to a large gin bar in the sky in 2002, this week the Times reported that she had actually left him $ 5.4 million.

According to author David McClure, author of Royal Legacy, an investigation into royal finances, it is also “very likely” that the Duke will also receive income from other undisclosed family businesses, reports TheTimes.

Elsewhere, a member of the Queen’s Privy Councilor, Norman Baker, reported in his 2019 investigation of the royal house: What are you doing? “Harry has at least $ 35.9 million in personal fortune.”

Meghan is now said to have entered royal life with $ 2.6 to 5.4 million, largely thanks to her role in suits.

Even leaving aside the money the Queen Mother left Harry or not, and the most conservative characters tossed around as they started their new shiny lives in the US, they had $ 15.5 million in their name.

Hardly a minor thing, is it?

In mid-June, a trust that shares a mailing address with the offices of Meghan’s longtime managing director bought the $ 19 million Montecito property where the family now lives. This happened more than two months before they announced their Netflix deal on the beginning of September.

All of which makes Harry’s outrage at the parent’s cash spill, which is just so much harder to swallow.

On top of that, a 36-year-old adult man who is outraged that his 70-year-old father turned off the money tap doesn’t have something unusual? Especially at a time when his new home, the United States, is in the midst of one of the biggest economic crises in a century?

Suddenly having to pay for your own private jets may have been a rude shock, but it hardly deserves any sympathy.

It would be unfair not to point out that one factor in his financial troubles was that the family suddenly had to make their own expensive safety precautions because of their state flight.

The fact that it doesn’t seem to have crossed their minds to either Harry or Meghan that UK taxpayers may not be thrilled to be paying the bill for an LA outpost is a bit of a mystery.

(With that in mind, here’s a brief introduction: The Royal Family is protected by members of Scotland Yard’s Royalty and Specialist Protection (RaSP), and therefore all decisions about their protection are made by the London Metropolitan Police and their chief, the Home Secretary.

Currently only working members of the royal family receive police protection, and a title does not entitle a Windsor to a bevy of specialists armed with weapons. For example, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie are not protected by taxpayer sponsored bodyguards.)

Even so, as we now know, those die-hard Sussexes did well when it was time to defend themselves last year and sign a megawatt deal with Netflix that, according to some reports, is worth more than $ 130 million – Dollar has an estimated $ 54 million deal with Spotify.

What a difference a year makes. All of a sudden, Daddy’s $ 4.5 million allowance seems a little bit tricky …

Daniela Elser is a royal expert and writer with over 15 years of experience working on a number of Australia’s leading media titles.