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When everyone seems to be making more money than you, the inevitable question is, “Okay, what exactly are all these people doing?” Thankfully, Reddit has the answer. A new thread discusses what people do to make six-figure amounts, and while some professions are obvious – doctor, lawyer – there are also niche professions that pay surprisingly well. Here is a look at some of them.

Obvious jobs that earn six figures

  • Lawyer: The average salary is usually well in excess of $ 100,000, though that depends on your level of specialization. The compromise to the legal profession is years of education and training with a high burnout rate. As Reddit commenters put it, “Don’t go to law school” and “There are better ways to do six digits”.
  • Doctor: Another obvious one, but they can do it well over $ 200,000 with enough experience. As with the legal profession, there is a lot of education and training available. With a boatload of student loans upfront, many doctors don’t get on with their finances until they are in their thirties. But the job also offers relatively good job security.
  • Air traffic controller: According to the FAA, the average annual salary is $ 127,805 once you’ve been certified. Certification requires several months of training at the FAA Academy as well as two to four years of part-time training. “I’ve been doing this for 12 years, the best job ever,” says one commentator.
  • Accountant with a CPA license: While practicing accountants begin their careers with an annual salary of more than $ 70,000, a few years of experience can add to that up to six digits. The downside is that it takes 2-6 years of education to become certified, depending on whether you are aiming for an Associate, Bachelor, Master, or PhD.
  • Real estate developer: This occupation has an average salary close by $ 100,000, and a peak salary goes over $ 200,000. In this role, you create new real estate developments or renovate existing ones, promote them and offer them for sale. You need to know what you are doing, of course. As one commenter suggests, “You should plan on getting your real estate license. It is also helpful to have a bachelor’s degree in real estate, economics, finance, or a related field. The ability to plan and organize projects, general real estate knowledge and entrepreneurial thinking are important skills in becoming a real estate developer. “

Not so obvious jobs that earn six figures

  • Engineering project manager: A technical project manager creates detailed project plans, suggests budgets, and manages human and equipment needs. As one commentator put it, “Being an engineer pays off well. Herding engineers pay very well. ”The average annual salary for this position is $ 120,738.
  • Elevator Mechanic: Make the top 20% of the earners more than $ 100,000 and no college degree is required. However, you have to pay your dues: to Apprenticeship as elevator mechanic lasts four years and pays closer to $ 40,000 during that time.
  • Travel nurse: Travel nurses help fill gaps in areas where there is a shortage of carers and are therefore in great demand. Depending on your perspective, the trip can be positive or negative, but the pay is good – the average annual salary is $ 108,070 The benefits include tax-free housing allowances, tax-free daily allowances, travel expense reimbursements and signing bonuses.
  • Line workers: Line workers build and repair overhead lines and underground power lines, and the pay is good. Most do closer to $ 82,000 annually, but experienced line workers can make six digits. However, training is required, which in most states lasts four years. One line worker says, “If you are up to the challenge (willing to work in a risky environment) this can be a great career in the long run.”
  • Government activity: “The pay for things like engineers and other jobs isn’t the best, but it’s especially great for non-STEM jobs. I know a lot of people who do more than 90,000 a year in jobs that would be 30% less outside of government. “
  • Scrum Master: This role requires expertise in Scrum project management, a methodology preferred by software developers, and has an average base salary of $ 95,167. “Highly recommended. Simple certification, in demand in the software sector and does not require any technical knowledge. Since I was 23, I’ve been making six-figure earnings with this job.”

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