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From meal plans to high-end fashion, everything is for sale on social media. So you won’t be surprised ABC News reported Millennials use the TikTok video app to find apartments. I was reminded of how Craigslist became the leader in cheap online rentals before I won it Stigma for fraudulent listings, but TikTok isn’t awash with sketchy real estate deals that you may feel the need to bring a bodyguard to demos on – at least not yet. Instead, it becomes a place where you can find quality rental housing.

Madison Suttonsaid an agent at Highline Residential Bloomberg wealth These TikTok secured stores made up all of their business during the quarantine. Whether you’re looking for a new place to live or just want to go window shopping like on Zillow, here’s how to add TikTok to your apartment hunt.

Follow real estate agents and companies

Like all popular social media an algorithm curates the content you see based on your viewing habits. That’s why when I search “Where can I get a facial?” I get a million spas and facial ads (my feed is filled with skin care products). We usually think this is a bad thing as we are bombarded with ads for items you don’t need and, in some cases, have already purchased. However, if you are looking for an apartment, the algorithm can do the job for you.

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The easiest thing to do is to follow brokers in your target area. Brokers with firms like GZB Realty uses TikTok’s style of short videos combined with catchy melodies to provide tours of apartments in the market. Others like @rgsellsatl, works with Morgan Reed Realty and runs full tours of homes for sale in Atlanta, GA, and @ cash.jordan High energy tours of Manhattan skyscrapers. Once you find a few in your area it will be easy to find more.

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Find the right hashtags

If you are new to the realtors in your area, use popular hashtags like #forrent, #realtorsoftiktok, and #apartments[insert city]. I did a simple search on #apartments and found videos for apartments from Houston to New York City each showing the neighborhood, rent, and a walkthrough for listing them. If you like a particular user’s ads, follow them to be notified every time they post a new one.

After doing a few searches and following brokers, you will find that the algorithm suggests similar content and you can effectively search hundreds of homes per day on your TikTok feed. Remember to do your due diligence by researching the companies and checking the real estate agents before taking action. As with anything you can find on the internet, there are risks of Scammers.