Yes, there is such a thing as a Broker Baby Playdate.

New York’s million dollar collection Ryan Serhant and Steve Gold have no problem combining business with pleasure when it comes to working on weekends with their two toddler daughters in tow. And yes, these future real estate moguls drive Bentleys!

Ryan’s wife in this exclusive sneak preview of tomorrow’s episode, which airs August 5th Emilia brings her two year old daughter woman to Steve’s loft to play with his one year old rose.

“Rosie, are you ready to see your friend Zena?” Steve coos as he welcomes Emilia and Zena to his home.

During a confessional, Steve raves about his daughter’s bond with Ryan’s son. “Zena and Rose, they are best friends now,” he explains. “Zena calls her Ro Ro, Ro Ro calls her Z.”

Steve’s girlfriend Luisa praises Zena’s “cute outfit” when Steve tosses a zinger to Ryan who is late for their meeting slash playdate.

“Yes, these are cool shoes,” he says with a laugh. “You have a much better style than your father.”