Kolkata (West Bengal) [India]April 4 (ANI): The West Bengal BJP has filed a complaint with the state’s chief electoral officer against Sankar Kumar Naskar, a TMC candidate from the Falta assembly seat, who allegedly distributed money to constituency voters.

The BJP has called for his candidacy to be canceled.
The letter from the West Bengal BJP states: “This is to draw your attention to the fact that on April 2nd, Sankar Kumar Naskar, candidate of the All India Trinamool Congress (TMC) from AC-144 Falta, was found to be giving money to voters In Sahararhat More has distributed what has influence. They are supposed to cast votes in his favor and bring his party an illegitimate profit. Said candidate was also found on the same day distributing money in the Mallickpur Bazar area, which is about 4 km from Sahararhat More lies. “
“It is proposed that Sankar Kumar Naskar, who has violated provisions of the Model Code of Conduct, the Representation of the People Act of 1951, the Indian Penal Code and the instructions issued by the Commission, his candidacy from the constituency of the Falta Assembly disqualified and a FIR is to be filed against him, “added the letter.
The surveys for the first two phases of the surveys in West Bengal took place on March 27 and April 1, respectively. The next phase of the vote will take place on April 6th. The votes will be counted on May 2nd. (ANI)