New trends keep popping up on Instagram or TikTok, which after closer examination are not all that new. Angel numbers are one such “trend”. Do you see digits like 333 and 777 all over your exploration page, or do you hear people mention angel numbers like they’re something serious that everyone suddenly knows about? Don’t worry if you feel like you will be the last at the spiritual social media party. Here’s what you need to know about angel numbers.

What is an angel number?

These days you will tend to see angel numbers all over the gram, so we’ve covered some answers here. A 25 year old New Yorker and tarot card reader walking by @NatalieeNamaste explains in the app: “Angel numbers are divine, recurring numbers or messages that are sent to us by our angels to guide us. I believe the angels use numbers to get our attention during times when we are on the right track or when we need guidance. All numbers have many meanings, but the most important message they all have in common is that our angels are with us and guide us on our journey through life. “

So a number is a number that you see often or at some point in your life. You may have noticed that for some reason you often look at your watch at 3:33 a.m., or you find that you turn to page 44 more often in books than other pages. If the appearance of a number in your life is so persistent that you really notice it, you may find one of those so-called angel numbers that you can then interpret like a dream or a horoscope.

“There is a special feeling when you become aware of a number,” added NatalieeNamaste. That is why some people tend to want to understand the meaning of the numbers that are presented to them. “

Ah yes. The meanings. Like dreams, angel numbers can be interpreted at will, but there are some standard interpretations that most believers adhere to. Let’s look at those.

How to interpret angel numbers

“Yes, there are universally defined angel numbers, but there is also a personal meaning behind these numbers,” explained our guide, who said that she has known consecutive numbers in her life since childhood, but came across a book about angel numbers before something more than a year.

The numbers to look for right away are 111 and 555, “as both are very important to the spiritual journey.” A little googling has shown that 111 symbolizes good news, abundance, and happiness. A 555, said NatalieeNamaste, “indicates changes and release patterns that do not fit into your own life and trust that something better is coming.”

She added that she believes that as you gain confidence on your personal spiritual journey, you will see more sequences of numbers that matter to you. Interpret them however you want.

Here’s a number for you: 372,000. So many posts on Instagram are tagged with #AngelNumbers right now. Tap the tag for a more detailed explanation of what certain numbers usually mean. The number 222 could refer to alignment, the number 333 could refer to support, and the number 444 is meant to indicate protection. Interestingly, 666 is supposedly about reflection, not Satan, which is a pleasant surprise. Angel number 777 is pretty obviously about luck while 888 is about balance and 999 is about release.

What do these mean to you? Only you know, so have fun figuring it out.

What can you do with this new information?

Even if you think this stuff is super weird and definitely not divine, try to be open to daily reminders that you are looked after and that you are on the right track. If a sequence of numbers helps you remind yourself that you are fine and you are headed for big things, great! In the end, it doesn’t matter whether the numbers come from heavenly beings or your own brain – what matters is what you get out of seeing them.

“The most important advice I can give is to follow your intuition when you see angel numbers,” said our expert. “The right definition will appeal to you.”