And maybe only a few should commit to a fixed life plan.

With a degree in English and more than a dozen films in hand, Stiles admitted to NME last year, “I wasn’t so sure what I wanted to do. I only took roles because I found this life interesting to me lead experience. ‘Oh, I’m going to this part of the world or I’m going to work with these people or that’s kind of an interesting story.’ “

Why not dive back into the Bourne franchise for three more films? “I have to travel to and work with amazing parts of the world Frosted [Damon]”She mused to the LA Times. Or maybe try your hand at television as she earned Dexter a Golden Globe and an Emmy Nod throughout her season as a murderous rape survivor.

But in between she shot a bunch of indies that never caught on, and began to worry that all of the entries on her ever-growing résumé weren’t really leading to a satisfying career.

“I felt like I was jumping from job to job that I wasn’t really connected with,” she told the Daily Beast, “and I was worried about where my career was going.”