Amber Portwood is not impressed with her ex Gary Shirley.

On the March 30 episode of Teen Mom OG, viewers saw the daughter Leah Plan your birthday party. But in a surprising scene, the 12-year-old showed that she wanted to party without Amber. Instead, she preferred a more intimate meeting with her father, Gary and his wife Kristina Shirley.

“We don’t really have that kind of bond,” explained Leah. “Twelve years and she didn’t really do anything. It was like Kristina’s job … all she did was give birth to me.”

After watching the episode, Amber went on Instagram Live, where she was quick to criticize Gary and Kristina, even after fans praised the pair.

“I try to invest time with Leah all the time. It’s all I ever do,” said Amber. “”[Kristina] doesn’t care about my daughter. No, Gary doesn’t dress her, feed her. Gary wouldn’t have a job if I hadn’t been at the beginning. “