LAURYN Goodman has finally announced the name of their young son, Cairo Walker.

The reality star gave birth to Cairo in April, which she had with footballer Kyle Walker from Manchester City and England, but had previously only referred to him as a “junior”.


Lauryn Goodman has announced that her son’s name is Cairo WalkerPhoto credit: Instagram

She visited her Instagram page to tell her fans what her son’s name really was.

“Glad to finally share with you all …” she wrote next to a photo of herself wearing a bracelet in homage to her 11 month old wife.

“Cairo Walker. You are my everything.”

Her fans loved the name, which was inspired by the Spanish thriller Money Heist.


She chose the name after becoming obsessed with the television series Money Heist, in which characters are named after major citiesPhoto credit: Instagram

“Love his name! 💙” wrote one fan.

Another added: “Nice ❤️❤️❤️ love the name! X”

And a third said: “What a beautiful name 💙”

“I was pregnant in the middle of the pandemic so I saw Money Heist,” she told Closer.

She also defended giving her son his father's last name, saying it was a deal she wanted to honor


She also defended giving her son his father’s last name, saying it was a deal she wanted to honorPhoto credit: Instagram

“I really liked the way all the characters were named after cities. So I chose its name Cairo after Egypt’s capital, but spelled it with a ‘K’ to make it unique. “

The reality star also defended giving Cairo his father’s surname after the couple only had a brief affair in 2019.

“Single mothers have asked why Cairo’s last name is Walker because they say they don’t want to give the father the satisfaction of having her last name,” Lauryn said.

“Calling him Walker was a mutual decision and I honored that.

Lauryn gave birth in April last year and described Cairo as hers after her long battle with endometriosis


Lauryn gave birth in April last year and described Cairo as her “miracle baby” after her long battle with endometriosisPhoto credit: Instagram

“I guess there has been speculation, but I don’t feel like I have to constantly justify myself for decisions made with our son.”

She also revealed that being a single mom can be difficult, but it helps a lot when her sister and CBB star Chloe Goodman are raising their daughter at the same time.

Chloe gave birth to Isla last June and shares her with footballer fiancé Grant Hall.

“Every time I want to break down, I look at my son. It gives me inner strength and courage that I never knew I had, ”she explained.

Lauryn admitted being a single mom was tough, but Cairo gave her the strength she needed


Lauryn admitted being a single mom was tough, but Cairo gave her the strength she neededPhoto credit: Instagram

“And it was great to share the first year of parenting with my sister. It was a big help to be able to bubble in the air as we both have kids under one. “

Lauryn added, “Cairo loves Isla and he always tries to cuddle and kiss her. It is so sweet. We had to try to teach them how to share toys! “

Fans speculated Lauryn might have given her son his father’s last name after seeing the KW necklace visibly dangling from her chest on a recent trip to Dubai.

By the time she revealed his name, Lauryn had her son publicly as a


By the time she revealed his name, Lauryn had publicly referred to her son as “Junior”.Photo credit: Instagram



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She previously revealed that the necklace was given to her by her 27-year-old sister, Chloe, who is herself known for her stints with Ex On The Beach and Celebrity Big Brother.

Lauryn gave birth to their first child in April with the 30-year-old soccer player.

She announced the birth by sharing a picture of her with the child and saying, “I can’t believe I made you.”

The news meant that Manchester City full-back Kyle, whom she referred to as dad in February, would become a dad for the fourth time.

Lauryn Goodman thanks Sister Chloe for the personalized necklace gift for her son