New Delhi [India]April 3 (ANI): The Enforcement Directorate (ED) on Saturday attached movable and immovable property in two cases of the proposed criminal offense of the Illicit Money and Tax Collection Act of 2015, including the cases of Sundru Bhagwandas Hiranandani and RP Mansinghka .

According to the ED, in its ongoing investigation into Sundru Bhagwandas Hiranandani and other properties valued at Rs 3.27 billion.
“Hiranandani had undisclosed assets from his offshore company in the British Virgin Islands. The company has bank accounts in Singapore with funds of Rs.3.27 billion,” she added.
In the case of RP Mansinghka, it was found during the money laundering investigation that Mansinghka “has the economic interest / ownership of foreign assets / company / account and has not disclosed this in his income refund filed with the income tax authorities.”
The ED had tentatively attached an amount of Rs 3 crore (approximately) as the equivalent of the proceeds of Mansinghka-related crime.
Further research is ongoing. (ANI)