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Emma Rose x start of the boutique collection

The influencer and blogger Emma Rose blinded us on Instagram with her chic and flirty style. It was only a matter of time before she poured her expertise into creating a gorgeous, fashion-conscious outfit for the masses. She teamed up with Start of the boutique launch their own collection this week.

If comfort and luxury are a Venn diagram, Emma Rose is in the middle. The Canadian creator of West Coast Kinda Girl puts together looks that are always classy and never trashy. This is probably why nearly 40,000 loyalists visited the website right away on launch. Rose said that day, “Cry because you basically sold out the entire collection in 30 minutes. I love you so much! “

A lot was sold out now, but there are still a few very adorable ensembles and accessories left.

I am partial to that Lulu dead with two adorable and almost retro-like kittens on them. Everyone needs a good bag and this is a wonderful option.

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Lulu dead kitten

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The oversized blazer is a look that is coming back and that I really appreciated. This one in Emma’s collection is perfect in a luscious cream color. The Kristy blazer can be easily combined with jeans and a t-shirt or even a dress. The open back is such a surprise and pleasant to the touch to add a little whimsical edge to something that is usually very textured.

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Kirsty blazer

The epitome of Emma is this pink mini dress. Obviously she named it after herself because it’s very girly with clueless 90s vibes. You can style this up or down for a fun evening. The ruffles around this bust add a really delicate and feminine touch. This silky dress is sure to be a hit.

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Emma dress