MORRISONS offers the best value for money Valentine’s Day that The Sun has found.

Morrisons shoppers get £ 30.25 worth of grocery when they spend £ 15. This includes a starter, a main course, two side dishes, a dessert, a drink or chocolates.


The Sun has rounded up the best Valentine’s Day deals in terms of savings

Tesco only missed the top spot by 5am.

It offers the same amount of food as Morrisons, also for £ 15, but the maximum amount of food you can get is £ 30.20.

Waitrose and M&S offer the biggest savings at £ 16.99 and £ 16.50, respectively – but they charge £ 20 each on their food offerings.

This means that you will spend £ 5 more in each of these supermarkets when compared to Morrisons and Tesco, effectively canceling out the extra savings.


The Sun has put together the best Valentine’s Day deal for the supermarket

At the end of the table, we found that buyers did not achieve any additional savings with the DIY Valentine’s Day offers from Lidl and Aldi.

This is because they are not part of a food offering.

This means they don’t technically offer any savings as you only pay for what you eat – but spend less overall.

Iceland buyers meanwhile save just £ 1.30.

A spokesman for Islands told The Sun, “We are always looking to make huge savings without reducing customer choices.

“With our range, you can choose between seven steaks, 10 fries, nine side dishes and two drinks, so that buyers can choose the perfect meal for their romantic dinner. Who should we tell people how to treat their Valentine’s Day? “

An Aldi spokesman said: “Due to our everyday low prices, customers at Aldi pay less and less.”

For each supermarket, we’ve worked out the combination you need to buy to get the most value.


Some of the most expensive items on the Morrisons menu include the £ 3.50 Camembert crack and share bread starter and £ 11 Wellington beef for your main course.

All but one side are £ 2.50 each, with options like chunky chips and cauliflower cheese so two of them would cost £ 5.

Finally, pair these with a £ 3 dessert – like dulce de leche or raspberry panna cotta – and the £ 7.75 Chilean Merlot wine for the best value.

There is an option to choose chocolates instead of a drink. These only cost £ 3, however, so you won’t get the greatest savings.

This gives a maximum of £ 30.25 for an spend of £ 15.

Valentine’s Day 2021 supermarket food deals

Hungry for love Here’s how much each supermarket charges for their Valentine’s Day deals.

For some, there is a fixed price for starters, main courses, side dishes, dessert, drinks and a box of chocolate.

But others do mix and match deals where you only pay for exactly what you want.

  • Aldi – £ 10.55 (Pay only for what you choose – price based on a starter, main course, dessert, drink)
  • Asda – £ 15 (One starter, one main course, two side dishes, a dessert, a drink or chocolates)
  • Co-op – £ 15 (One starter, one main course, one side, one dessert and one drink)
  • Iceland – £ 8 (Two steaks, fries and onion rings for £ 8 or two main courses and a dessert from the Gino D’Acampo range for £ 8)
  • Lidl – £ 10.12 (Pay only for what you choose – price based on a starter, main course, dessert, drink)
  • MRS – £ 20 (A starter, a main course, a side, a dessert, a drink and a box of chocolates)
  • Morrisons – £ 15 (One starter, one main course, two side dishes, a dessert, a drink or chocolates)
  • Sainsbury’s – £ 20 or less (Pay only for what you choose but only save money if your meal is more than £ 20 – price based on cheapest starter, main, side, dessert, drink)
  • Tesco – £ 15 (A starter, a main course, two sides, a dessert and a drink)
  • Waitrose – £ 20 (One starter, one main course, two side dishes, a dessert, a drink or chocolates)


For the best savings from Tesco, buy the £ 3.50 smoked salmon tart for your starter paired with the £ 8 rump steak and pink peppercorn butter for the main course.

It doesn’t matter which side dish or vegetable dish you choose, as they all cost £ 2.60 each.

For the end of your meal, the heart-shaped brownie is the most expensive at £ 3.50.

And the maximum savings on your drink includes Prosecco, usually priced at £ 10.

This combo typically costs £ 30.20, but thanks to the food on offer, you only pay £ 15.20.


Waitrose offers the biggest total savings of £ 16.99, but you are spending £ 5 on dining options compared to Morrisons and Tesco.

Because of this, we don’t rate it as cheap.

The most expensive starters are £ 4, with a choice of live parfaits and clams with seafood, while the most expensive main course is the £ 10 ribeye steak with Bearnaise butter.

Combine these with two of the rainbow salads for £ 3 each for a total of £ 6 and the vintage cheddar heart for pudding for £ 5.

Finally, wash your meal and half a bottle of champagne, which normally costs £ 11.99 alone.

The total price for this combination of foods is usually £ 36.99.


In terms of savings, M&S is just behind Waitrose. Guests can save up to £ 16.50.

This is the case if you choose either the Coquilles St Jacques or a prawn cocktail as the stater. Both cost £ 6 paired with rump steak, sirloin steak, chicken kiev or rack of lamb, which cost £ 10 each.

You would then have to pick a 3 pound side of options like cauliflower cheese and mashed potatoes, followed by a 4 pound dessert like the billionaire’s pot or cheesecake.

Finally, end your meal with Prosecco £ 12 or Prosecco Rose and a box of chocolates £ 1.50.

Buyers would typically pay £ 36.50 for this combination.


Asda will save you a maximum of £ 10.

Each starter, side and dessert is £ 2.50 each, while each grand prize is typically £ 7 – so this part of the deal would typically cost £ 17.

Add in the most expensive bottle of alcohol, the 8-pound bottle of Cava-Rose, and your bill would typically be 25 pounds.

Fancy options to get started include liquid Scottish eggs and tempura shrimp, followed by leg of lamb, pork loin, or steak for the main course.


The biggest amount you can save on Co-op is £ 9.80.

Each starter is £ 3.50 so it doesn’t matter which one you choose, while the most expensive main course is £ 7 rump steak.

The most expensive side is the £ 2.80 mashed potatoes, and the most expensive dessert is £ 3.50 chocolate and orange tarts.

Combine the above product with the £ 8 Prosecco for the best savings.

This menu would normally come to £ 24.80.


Sainsbury’s buyers only save money on food options when they spend more than $ 20.

If you spend below this amount, you are paying the normal price for your meal.

Outside of the store, you would get back £ 3.75 each with scallop gratin or bresaola starter, and the crusty cod ratatouille is typically £ 10.

Combine these with a £ 2.70 side, with options like potato dauphinoise or cauliflower cheese, plus £ 3.30 GU dessert and £ 6.25 bottle of Prosecco.

Your bill would normally be £ 26 for this selection.


Island does a mix-and-match selection for Valentine’s Day so you can choose exactly what you want.

The only deal the grocery store has is two steaks for £ 6 – these are typically £ 3.65 each or £ 7.30 for two for a total saving of £ 1.30.

Iceland suggests on its website combining two of its £ 1 full price pages like fries and onion rings and a £ 7 bottle of Prosecco to hit the £ 15 price point.

Full price, this meal plus the prosecco would come to £ 16.30.


At Lidl you choose what you want. The best way to save money is to buy the cheapest groceries.

The best price for a starter, main course and dessert at Lidl is £ 5.17.

This is when you go for the £ 1.39 batter balls, £ 1.99 beef Wellington packets and £ 1.79 GU desserts.

If you also want a bottle of Prosecco the cheapest is £ 4.95 which brings your total to £ 10.12.


The absolute cheapest starter, main course and dessert at Aldi is £ 6.56.

The cheapest meal at Aldi is £ 1.69 the Buffalo Chicken Wings and two vegan No Beef Bourguignon pies which are £ 1.69 each.

For dessert, take a pack of 36 mini pancakes for £ 1.49.

Aldi doesn’t list alcohol as part of their Valentine’s Day deal, but if you add in a bottle of Prosecco worth £ 3.99, your total is £ 10.55.

You should note that neither the Aldi price we calculated nor the Lidl price contain any pages.


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