A DIY flooring project is at the center of an online discussion about the value of cheap flooring.

Fans of budget home improvement renovations often share their savings and the end products on social media groups and one of the most popular projects is the flooring.

Whether it’s wood laminate or glued-on tiles, they’re just as common in stores as B&M and Home Bargains, and the results can transform a space at a very low cost – almost always under $ 100 compared to alternative flooring that cost 10 times as much.

Since a post with a £ 70 renovation was shared on a Facebook group, it has been criticized by buyers who said the poor quality and inevitable renovation make it less of a bargain.

As many people defended the project, but it sparked an interesting discussion of what one buyer called the “false economy”.

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More than one comment said the floor was a good “workaround”

The original poster said, “I just made my kitchen floor for less than £ 70 with Studio self-adhesive tiles. You have other designs to choose from. And at £ 5.99 for a box of 11, they’re well worth it. “

One of the first comments was, “Although they look really good in the photo, this is what is called a ‘fake economy’ as every penny you spent on this flooring is a waste of money.

“Because you have to replace it soon, and if you go cheap again, all that” money will be wasted too. Sorry, but that’s the facts. “

This person added to the criticism, who said: “… until in a few months when, after a period of expansion and contraction due to atmospheric conditions, they begin to loosen, dirt gets into the sticky gaps and you decide to to do this Go and do the job right! “

People quickly followed, saying the tiles look wonderful: “They look great, ignore the funny sponges”

The original writer then said, “Well, if that’s the case, so be it.

“Anyway, I always change floors so my husband is happy that it was really cheap, and if it lasts a few years or less, I’ll still have saved a fortune.”

So are budget tiles a worthwhile low-cost option, or should the money be better spent on more expensive floors?

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One buyer lulled himself in with a comment: “They are definitely a temporary fix. I’ve used them in my kitchen before and the paint scratches off pretty quickly and they’re a bit and a half removed after that.

“It took hours and days to remove them with a heat gun and scraper and it killed my back and knees.”

Another person agreed that their short lifespan was a disadvantage, but the low cost was hard to miss when you need a quick fix.

They said, “I used these adhesive tiles, looked great at first, but a year later they look damn terrible, lots of paint is peeling off, chipping off the tiles, etc. But I’ll still say I’ve done all of my bathroom tools Glue tiles etc for around £ 30! So it’s a great temporary solution. “

“Better an interim solution that looks very nice and that you can change as you wish, instead of expensive flooring that you don’t want, but that you hold onto, I think,” said one buyer.

They thought the bargain sticks on tile are a great choice if you have a changing taste and like a DIY project.

“I did the same with B&Q value tiles years ago, never had a problem and lasted for years, so that’s not always the case with cheap tile,” said one shopper, who admitted it might be worth it to sign up for Choosing slightly more expensive and more durable tiles said he had never had any problems.

Finally, one person said, “I’ve used adhesive tiles a few times with different results, but all of them have paid off, had some in a kitchen for about six years, would have been longer but got a new kitchen. Yours looks fantastic.”

The consensus is that gluing tiles can be a great solution to brightening up a room, and for some, the initially low cost is easier to manage than spending a lot on a more permanent flooring.

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