Nothing beats the savings you get from pumping gasoline down the dam. But having those credit cards on hand should be close to feeling.

Owning a car in Singapore is expensive. Your balance will thank you for keeping maintenance down, with gasoline being one of the biggest culprits.

Depending on how often you drive the roads, your monthly gasoline spend would be anywhere from $ 150 to $ 200, taking into account the average mileage of Singaporeans and the average gasoline price per liter. Of course, if you happened to be a private hire driver, we’d look at a much higher range.

Here we’ve rounded up Singapore’s best gasoline credit cards so you can get great fuel discounts and save money on other nice things.

Best credit cards for gasoline
Gas station Best credit card Total benefit
Caltex OCBC 365 credit card Up to 22.1 percent
It DBS Esso card Up to 21.2 percent
Bowl Citibank Cash Back Card Up to 20.88 percent
SPC POSB day pass Up to 20.1 percent

1. Best for gasoline at Caltex: OCBC 365

The OCBC 365 credit card is an everyday cashback card and rewards you attractively per expenditure category.

Cardholders receive a modest 5 percent cashback for fuel expenses at all local petrol stations. The biggest attraction, however, is the fuel savings of up to 22.1 percent with Caltex.

It includes an 18 percent instant fuel discount at Caltex and cashback, depending on how much you spend. In addition to Caltex, you can save up to 20.2 percent at Esso stations.

OCBC 365 is known for its 6 percent cashback on food (including online grocery delivery). So head to your favorite foodie pit stops and take full advantage of it. You also receive a 3 percent discount when purchasing groceries.

The eligible monthly cashback spend is $ 800 and there is a cashback cap of $ 80 per month for all categories combined. If you tend to spend more than $ 800, you should charge your bills to another card once you reach the cashback cap.

2. Best for gasoline at Esso: DBS Esso

If you’re looking for a no-frills card with the highest cashback rate for gasoline, you’ve come to the right place with the DBS Esso Card.

The card offers an 18 percent instant fuel discount and additional savings depending on the seasonal promotion. You could be looking at a total of 21.2 percent without the Smiles Points earned that you can redeem to offset the fuel purchase.

When you sign up for the card and use it, you will automatically be enrolled in the Esso loyalty program. Driver, you will surely smile ear to ear when you know you can get 0 percent interest-free car insurance and installment payment plans – these are just a few of the benefits.

The disadvantage? The card is really only for drivers who only pump at Esso. Otherwise, it’s really a one-trick pony.

3. Best for gasoline at Shell: Citibank Cash Back


The Citibank Cash Back Card is best for refilling gasoline at Shell.

Since gasoline is one of the main categories that qualify you for the full cashback of 8 percent, you can potentially save 20.8 to 8 percent every time you travel to Shell: 5 percent instant discount on site, 5 percent Shell Escape card discount, 4 percent Citibank Card discount and 8 percent cashback.

With Esso you can also save up to 20.88 percent gasoline.

The other two major cashback categories where you can enjoy 6 percent cashback are restaurants and 8 percent cashback for groceries.

The minimum monthly qualifying spend is $ 800 – pretty high compared to cashback credit card standards – but you shouldn’t have a problem meeting the goal if you have above average mileage behind the wheel (e.g. if you are a grave driver). and you’re not afraid to spend on good food either.

There is a cashback cap of $ 80 per month.

4. Best for gasoline at SPC: POSB Everyday Card


If you are looking for an all-in-one card that will save you money on the fuel maintenance of your car and at the same time make the daily expenses for the essentials, the POSB Everyday credit card is the card for 365 days a year.

With SPC you save up to 20.1 percent fuel with no minimum expenditure. This consists of a 10 percent SPC discount, 5 percent DBS / POSB discount and an exclusive 6 percent POSB Everyday card. In addition, you receive a 2 percent cash discount for servicing cars in the Speedycare branches.

Speaking of cash discounts, the savings party continues with 5 percent on Sheng Siong groceries, 3 percent on Watsons and 1 percent on utility and StarHub bills.

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