GYPSY millionaire Alfie Best shocked an employee with a life-changing sum of money after his undercover ordeal.

Alfie, owner of Wyldecrest Parks, went undercover to make sure his employees make the most of this golden moment for his company in Thursday’s episode of Undercover Big Boss.


The 51-year-old Gypsy billionaire went undercover to spy on his employees and offered them a much-needed raiseCredit: The sun

The largest park operator in Europe told his son that he would “go undercover and find out any problems in the business”.

The company of the first Gypsy billionaire is valued at around £ 750 million.

The caravan king said to the audience: “I’m a Roma gypsy, I’m a gypsy through and through and sometimes I pinch myself.”

He has a very lavish lifestyle that shows he has houses all over the world, a Lamborghini sofa and a £ 1.6 million car.

The 51-year-old informed the audience that he had started cleaning sewage.

Alfie was discovered at Penwortham Park in Preston and met maintenance manager Julio, 65, who faces many maintenance complaints from local residents on a daily basis.

Residents praise Julio as a good worker who solves problems with plumbing immediately.


Alfie asked Julio when he was getting a raise and he said it was only 50p an hour more.

When asked if he was struggling with his salary, Julio replied, “Yeah, especially when you have to pay all those bills. Sometimes I struggle.”

Alfie said, “I was a little baffled and shocked. And I have the impression that Julio bears the brunt of it every day.

“I found mistakes.

Alfie vowed to improve her grievance process and give Julio more support, and wanted to reward him with a much-needed raise and a bonus of £ 5,000.

In addition, the audience subsequently met the dedicated sales manager Richard, who lives in the park five days a week.

He admitted struggling with work-life balance as he spends less time with his daughters.

Alfie decided to give Richard and his family a fully paid two-week vacation to Barbados.

Then came Donna, who learned that the company would invest £ 250,000 to expand its business and triple its profits by installing new swimming pools, sunrooms, and a new game room with pool tables.

She said, “It’s nice to know that someone can really believe in you. I never imagined you would invest something like this. It’s life changing.”

Undercover Big Boss continues on ITV Thursday at 9 p.m.


Alfie Best Undercover at Penwortham Park in PrestonPhoto credit: ITVJulio admitted to having financial problems


Julio admitted to having financial problemsPhoto credit: ITVAlfie announced he has houses around the world, a Lamborghini sofa and a £ 1.6 million car


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