The UFC should avoid playing Conor McGregor against Michael Chandler if they want to keep making money off the Notorious.

McGregor’s next octagon is a must-have after his second-round TKO loss to Dustin Poirier at UFC 257 in Abu Dhabi last month.

Joe Rogan interviews Conor McGregor after the UFC 246 ceremonial deliberationsPhoto credit: GettyJoe Rogan thinks Michael Chandler is a dangerous fight for Conor McGregorPhoto credit: Getty

After his third setback in promotion, some fight fans are excited to see the former two-division champion take on UFC freshman Chandler, who made an impressive debut at the UFC 257 co-main event.

However, UFC commentator Joe Rogan believes that the promotion should at all costs avoid putting The Notorious in the cage with the three-time Bellator lightweight champion.

When asked who he thinks Poirier should fight next, Rogan said, “The purist’s option is Charles Oliveira.

“If you’re a purist, you want this fight. And I think I want this fight.

“If you want to make that much money before Conor fights someone else, you have the rematch.

“Here’s the thing: if Conor fights Michael Chandler next, which is a possibility if Dustin fights Oliveira and then Conor fights Michael Chandler, what are the odds that Conor will beat Michael Chandler?


“I think Michael Chandler is the favorite in this fight which is very dangerous for your money.”

Should the UFC decide to book Poirier against McGregor III, Rogan believes it will be difficult for them to sell the rubber match.

He said, “If you want to make a lot of money, please allow Conor some time off and find a way to market it that will explain how Conor can find a way.” Beat Dustin. Good luck.

“He beat him in the first fight, he rocked him in the second fight, in fact Dustin admitted there was a point in the first round where he got injured.

“And he said, ‘If Conor had followed up, I might have been in trouble.’

A dejected Conor McGregor looks on after his UFC 257 loss to Dustin PoirierPhoto credit: Getty

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“But it could be Dustin, who also says I would like this rematch. I want this rematch.”

Fighting for revenge on his former featherweight rival, 32-year-old McGregor says, “A play with a trilogy fight for all marbles! Wow! Exciting!”

“Neither a trilogy that I was expecting nor the tactical matter I was expecting, but I would be lying if I said this was not intended.

“That’s exactly how it should always be! Buzz !!”

UFC commentator Joe Rogan says Dustin Poirier admitted that Conor McGregor caught him early and caused him trouble