What we like What we don’t like
Stunning unblocked sea views Car parks and lobby areas could be more premium in design
The view from the pool is fantastic Traffic noises from ECP
Close to future MRT  
Project: Seaside Residences
District: 15
Address: Siglap Road
Tenure: 99-year leasehold
No. of Units: 841 residential + two commercial
Site Area: 207,849 sqft
Developer: East Vue Pte Ltd (Jointly developed by Frasers Centrepoint, Sekisui House, and Keong Hong Holdings)
TOP: April 1, 2021

Seaside Residences is a development that was launched in 2017, at a time when the market was considered to be soft. It was a rare new launch back then along this stretch of the ECP, where many of its neighbours like Mandarin Gardens and Laguna Park are much, much older.

This condominium in East Coast won the top bid at land price of $624,180,000 by FCL Topaz Pte. Ltd. (a unit of Frasers Centrepoint Singapore) JV Sekisui House, Ltd. and KH Capital Pte. Ltd (a unit of Kheong Hong Holdings).

To that, Seaside Residences had a land price of around $858 psf ppr, with breakeven prices estimated to be around $1,400 psf.

Today, those who managed to snag prime units during its launch have profited well, with 36 profitable transactions so far (some have even achieved more than half a million in gross profits). So for those considering Seaside Residences, here’s what to expect with our Insider Tour!

Seaside Residences insider tour

Seaside Residences sits on a land size of 207,849 square feet. It’s a decent size in today’s context, but perhaps not so much when you compare it to its immediate neighbours such as Mandarin Gardens, Neptune Court, and Laguna Park.

There’s no question that this is the newest and shiniest development along this stretch, however, as its immediate neighbours all sport dated exteriors and are advancing in age.

To delve deeper, it’s a long, nearly triangular plot of land that it sits on. It isn’t the most ideal as obviously, the skinnier section will feel more squeezed in, but there are advantages because of its immediate surroundings too (I’ll get more into it later).


So yes, there are four towering blocks here, of which the towers are connected by means of a Sky Terrace on the 14th floor. Likewise, two blocks will share an arrival lobby – especially useful in today’s Grab environment.

As far as first impressions go though, it does look quite ordinary in comparison to the rest of the areas – almost like this section was glossed over.


Walking around the circular bend leads you to the car park and lobby areas. Again, this section of the condo does look quite run-of-the-mill.

I mean, I’m not expecting an ultra-luxury level of materials here, but where mass-market luxury developments like Principal Garden have succeeded in crafting a certain upscale quality about it, it’s hard to see why the same can’t be achieved here.


Beyond that, you’d find the car park. It’s on the same level as the driveway, with the facilities (pool and such) built on top of it. It’s a smart move as this elevates the facilities above the road level as well.

As always, having that smooth coating over the car park floor makes a world of difference, and it’s a little disappointing not to see that here.


As for car park space, it’s hard to tell at this point as Seaside Residences is still very new and it isn’t fully occupied. But you do have a generous (by today’s standard, at least) one to one car park ratio here.

64 per cent of the 843 units are half bedroom units so I wouldn’t be too bothered about car park space if you are looking at the bigger units here and have more than one car.


Let’s now head to the lobby area of each tower. Again, it’s simply furnished in grey and it doesn’t quite give you a special feeling as you return home. Plain Jane is the word.

And rather uncommonly, you have to walk through a row of letterboxes to get to the entrance of the lobby. I can’t say I like it visually, but I do suppose this would help me remember to clear my letterbox more often.


As you might expect, you will require the resident’s keycard to scan through to get access to the residential towers for security.

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Now let’s head to the ground level where most of the facilities are at. First impressions: The landscaping is really lush and does give off a very resort feel.

Perhaps it’s because of the lackluster arrival area, but the difference in ambiance is extremely noticeable – I almost feel as if I’m in a different development altogether.


Whichever way you are facing, the sides of the path are filled with well-manicured greenery. Admittedly, it’s still early days and only time can tell of the real upkeep of the place – but starting impressions are very positive indeed.


Without question, the right plant choice and mix of the different shades of green can often make or break how one might feel based on first impressions.

Yes, it is superficial but buying a home will usually encompass a lot of the emotional appeal of the place – so this can matter more than you might think.


You do also get a sense from walking around that the estate is pretty open and spacious (maybe it’s partly down to the lack of tall buildings on the outside). While 843 units isn’t a small number, you absolutely don’t feel that mass here from strolling around on the grounds.

Perhaps to give you a better sense (if you’ve been there), Commonwealth Towers has an almost identical number of units (845) but it feels a lot less spacious as it is squeezed on 126,885 square feet of land.

With Seaside Residences sitting on 207,849 square feet – you don’t need a math genius to tell you that it’s a major difference.


A litmus test for me as to how much space a condo has is how frivolous some of its facilities may get.

At Seaside Residences, the developers have dedicated quite a sizeable spot to a reflexology path – not something I would use in a million years but I guess it does hammer the point home. Useless? Yes. But at least it does show off that ample space.

Seriously though, I do wonder about the thought process behind this as I see the clientele here being more of a younger age group. It would have undoubtedly been better to have more comfy lounge seating instead.


Close to the main pool are the dining pavilion and the clubhouse. The designs of both are similar – clad in a dark brown colour tone, it does look quite polished.


The clubhouse is set between both blocks, and the semi-circular shape holds various rooms such as a function room, games room, and the gym. The floor-to-ceiling windows do provide for a good amount of light and a view of its surroundings.


The gym is decently equipped, with a number of cardio machines as well as a strength training station. I do think that size wise it isn’t great for 843 units and you could possibly see competition for space during peak hours.

The upside here is that if you do enjoy walking/running outdoors you do have a lot of better options at the Seaside Residences due to the proximity to East Coast Park – so I wouldn’t sweat it that much unless you’re an avid gym junkie.

I certainly appreciate the outdoors a lot more from this pandemic experience, and I’m sure a lot of others will agree too.


The dining pavilions are in line with what you’d expect from such a facility. It’s an open yet sheltered space, and you do have minimalistic-styled seating and cooking facilities too.

Generally, one of the draws of staying by the sea is the breeze (most of the time). In the instances where it might not be as breezy as you might like (or during a very hot day), it’s great to see there are two ceiling fans installed.


Walking further from the dining pavilions will lead you to a reading corner, situated just under Tower 12.


You’ll find multiple tables and chairs here, so you do have alternative spots to sit and read a book (as intended). Despite the well-landscaped greenery around, there are definitely more scenic spaces in the development to sit at.


There is more comfortable cushioned seating at the corner too.


Let’s now move towards Tower 10! You do get a sense of the size of the land from here – it’s not the biggest around but it is certainly substantial enough that you can walk your dog around for his/her daily exercise.


Just below Tower 10 is the community garden, where you’ll find a neat spot for those who have a passion for a bit of gardening or growing plants in their own “backyard”. It is a nice initiative as you can normally only do this if you own a landed property.

Granted, you don’t own the space – but especially for retirees, it could be a great way to spend your free time. There’s nothing quite like picking fresh produce for your meal!

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Should you want to, you do also have some seating here amongst the plants. It’s also here that you are able to see how close Victoria School is to the development.

Which is why it is a good thing that some parts are built at an elevated position above the ground. It doesn’t quite clear the full height of the school, but at least it doesn’t affect so many units.

As you might expect, units that face the school directly on the lowest floor will definitely command a lower price, so if you aren’t particular about the facing these would be the ones to target.


Let’s now head to one of the biggest draws of the Seaside Residences, the incredible 50m lap pool.


Perhaps I’ll start at the skinnier end, or what they term as the Lagoon Pool. Due to the triangular nature of the land, one end of the swimming pool starts off slimmer. Think of it as a smaller river that joins up to a large lake and you can quite easily picture it.

Given this isn’t the main highlight, I’d imagine that this would be more of a private sanctuary than the wider section of the pool.


Let’s talk about that main section though – it’s a gorgeous, picturesque space. And because of the sheer size of it, it almost appears as an endlessly blue surface of water.

But what’s really special is the facing of it. Because it faces East Coast Park (therefore being unblocked), along with the thick canopy of trees along ECP – it looks as if you are in a resort setting in a tropical getaway overseas. It geniunely is quite a lovely sight.

The best part? This will remain unblocked for a long time to come – so you don’t have to worry about your view being blocked by some mammoth structure in the future.


It’s a pity about the traffic noise from the ECP, but this nevertheless is a view not many people will be able to boast about in their condo.

Which is why it was definitely a smart move to elevate the pool. So instead of facing the highway directly, you will nearly avoid the sight of it unless you are at the very edge of the pool.

And of course, this will allow for a significant setback for the residential blocks to be away from the highway too.


Along the curve of the swimming pool, you’ll find a whole length of deck chairs (as well as the front end of the pool).

For me, the view from here is one of the best points of the development – blue waters, lush greenery, and unblocked views – it would have been perfect if not for the sounds of the cars zooming past on the ECP.


And while there is an admirable number of deck chairs placed, I was surprised to see that there weren’t any cabanas here. It would seem like an obvious addition, given the sea/resort theme that the Seaside Residences is going for.


Behind the deck chairs is the water court (basically a water feature).


And yes, the dining pavilion and clubhouse are right behind (just to better orientate you). Again, don’t underestimate how the characteristics of the grounds can make you feel.

Because Victoria School next door is low-lying, and obviously so is East Coast Park – it never feels claustrophobic here. It’s an underrated point that’s for sure.


Next to the main pool is the beach pool, a slightly more private area. As mentioned above, it would have been nice to see more cabanas here that will be more in keeping with the beach theme.


And on a more light-hearted note, you can see from here just why sometimes camera angles can be deceiving. At first glance, this almost looks like a mountain top resort overlooking vast green plains (yes, that’s the canopy of trees at East Coast Park).


Finally, to round up the pool offerings, the kid’s splash pool is located right at the end. It’s quite a decently sized space that parents with young kids will be happy to see such a sizeable allocation.

Plus, the developers have kindly placed a number of deck chairs here for you to catch a breather while the little ones play!


Plus let’s not forget the addition of the various colourful water fountains and jets here. It’s great to see such variety and you can be sure this will be a very popular hangout for the kids.


The kid’s pool is also strategically placed between three garden pavilions. So plus the deck chairs, the square tables, and the sheltered pavilions you do have a wide variety of places to choose from to rest and watch over your kids. It’s pretty well thought out.


And at the furthest end of the site is a tennis court. If you are moving from a bigger older development you might be shocked to find that there is just one tennis court to be shared among 843 units – but that’s just the trend today.

In fact, in many of the newer launches in the past few years, you’ll find just one tennis court in developments with more than a thousand units!

I do like though that the tennis court is placed in a “hole”. For one, you can be a bystander and watch (from a better angle). And having walls instead of the usual fence does mean that you can get the tennis balls bouncing back to you (good for the lazier tennis player).


Close to the tennis court is the kid’s playground. It’s in a pirate ship theme – pretty cute if you ask me, and in keeping with the seaside resort theme of Seaside Residences.


There is also a fitness zone just off the kid’s playground. But this seems more like an afterthought than anything else.


Finally to round up the trio of facilities in the far corner is the multi-purpose court, where you can get in a quick game of basketball or football. Mind you, it isn’t a big court, but it is still pretty awesome that they have included such a facility here.

I’d have surely appreciated such a facility as a teenager, there’s nothing quite like getting to know your neighbours than a game of football/basketball after school!

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Let’s now head up to the blocks, to show you the other facilities on the 14th floor. On the ground floor, the lobby is an open-aired one – which is quite common for developments in this price range.


And up we go to the 14th floor, where there are Sky Terraces on both towers. It isn’t mirrored on both sides though, with the one at Towers 16 and 18 being bigger in size.


So while it’s a pity that you don’t get facilities right at the top to take advantage of the views, it could be argued that the views here could actually be more picturesque. It may sound incredulous, so hear me out.


At this level, you are able to see both the thick green canopy of trees and the seemingly infinite sea – that mix of green and blue is truly quite a spectacular sight.

And so while being high up may make you feel as if you are on top of the world, you don’t really get to appreciate such details from such a height.


So it goes without saying that this would probably be the most popular spot when it comes to gatherings. Couple that with the sea breeze and I can’t think of too many places off the top of my head that will be more aesthetically pleasing.


Let’s also not forget the high ceilings here too, which really opens up and gives you a very spacious feeling.


Walking further down, you’ll find a more private nook called the social pod. It’s basically a more comfy lounge seating that is separated from the main areas.


Finally, you’ll also find an indoor reading lounge on the same level. You don’t really get to see much of the view from here, but on a hot still day the air-conditioning would definitely serve as a nice respite from the heat.

Seaside Residences location review


Seaside Residences, located along Siglap Road, boasts an unparalleled view of the East Coast sea. Residents can rest assured to be able to enjoy the sea view indefinitely as there are no plots of land available for development in between Seaside Residences and East Coast Park.

However, potential buyers do take note that blocks facing the sea are also right next to the East Coast Parkway (ECP), so some noise from traffic along the highway is to be expected.

That said, it is ultimately a small price to pay to be located right next to East Coast Park that has all the amenities and facilities for a fun family weekend or an after-dinner stroll along the beach.

Speaking of dinner, there are a number of famous eateries within walking distance, such as JUMBO Seafood (East Coast Seafood Centre), Enak Enak HongKong Tea House, and East Coast Lagoon Food Village. Coffee lovers can also rejoice with the number of specialty coffee roasters and cafes along Upper East Coast Road.



Grocery shops Distance from condo (& est. walk time)
NTUC Fairprice 720m, 10-min walk
Greenberry Mini Mart 810m, 11-min walk
Cold Storage Singlap V 900m, 12-min walk

Residents may find some trouble with accessing grocery shops in the area as the nearest grocer, NTUC Fairprice is a 10-min walk away. While that may not sound much on paper, in reality, a 10-min walk carrying groceries can definitely be a taxing workout.

As always, residents with their own private transport may find this much less of a hassle NTUC Fairprice is just a five min drive away with ample parking spaces.

Other grocers include Greenberry Mini Mart and Cold Storage, which are 11 and 12 minutes away, respectively.


Shopping malls Distance from condo (& est. driving time)
Siglap Shopping Centre 1.2 km, four min drive
Bedok Point 2.6 km, six min drive
Bedok Mall 3.0 km, six min drive
Parkway Parade 3.2 km, eight min drive
Katong Square 3.3 km, eight min drive

Shopping options are unfortunately very limited for residents of Seaside Residences as the malls are not really considered to be within walking distance. However, there are a number of large mall clusters such as the ones in the Katong and Bedok area.


Educational tier Names of institutes

My Prep School @ Mandarin Gardens

Good Shepherd Convent Kindergarten

Zoo-phonics School

Rosemount International School

Le Petits Gaulois

Primary (within five km-drive)

Ngee Ann Primary School

Tao Nan Primary School

Secondary (within three km-drive)

Victoria School

Temasek Secondary School

Bedok View Secondary School

Bedok South Secondary School

Junior College (within five-km drive)

Victoria Junior College

Temasek Junior College

Polytechnic (within 10-km drive) Temasek Polytechnic
University (within 10-km drive)

Singapore University of Technology and Design

Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT@TP)

James Cook University

There is definitely no shortage of schools nearby with so many choices of schools at each educational level.

The acclaimed all-boys Victoria School, with affiliation with Victoria Junior College, is right at your doorstep. This may be a huge selling point for parents looking to enroll their sons to Victoria School as well as Victoria Junior College, which is about a three minute drive away.

The site is also close to Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) as well as the private James Cook University.

Public transport

Bus station Buses serviced Distance from condo (& est. walking time)
Bef CP E1/D5 401 900m, 11-min walk
Bef Seaside Residences 36, 401 100m, two-minute walk
Victoria School 31, 36, 43, 47, 48, 55, 155, 196, 196e, 197, 401, 853M 300m, four-min walk
Opp Mandarin Gardens 4N, 13, 16, 16M, 31, 36, 43, 47, 48, 55, 196, 196e, 197, 853M 700m, nine-min walk

Closest MRT station: Siglap MRT (completion 2024), Bedok MRT (2.9km, 37-min walk)

Once the new Thomson East Coast Line is completed, the new Siglap MRT will be located next to Seaside Residences (a really short walk away). This line travels North and passes through the CBD area and stations like Shenton Way, Orchard, and Marina Bay.

Without the Thomson East Coast Line, however, the closest MRT station is Bedok MRT on the East-West Line. At a 35-minute walk, it isn’t really one that anyone would want to undertake – hence you can really see the value that the upcoming MRT station brings to the area.

Private transport

Key destinations Distance from condo (& est. peak hour drive time)
CBD (Raffles Place) 13.4 km, 14-min drive
Orchard Road 14.5 km, 18-min drive
Suntec City 10.6 km, nine-min drive
Changi Airport 7.8 km, six-min drive
Paya Lebar Quarters/Airbase (By 2030) 8.3 km, 13-min drive
Mediapolis 21.1 km, 19-min drive
Mapletree Business City 19.7 km, 18-min drive
Tuas Checkpoint 40.1 km, 34-min drive
Woodlands Checkpoint 33.7 km, 31-min drive
Jurong Cluster (JCube) 28.2 km, 28-min drive
Woodlands Cluster (Causeway Point) 35.3 km, 31-min drive
HarbourFront Cluster (Vivo City) 16.5 km, 15-min drive
Punggol Cluster (Waterway Point) 19.9 km, 20-min drive

Nearest Exit: 8A from ECP

The proximity to ECP is beneficial for residents working in the CBD area as cars can exit straight onto the ECP from Siglap Link. The directional change for ECP is also nearby the site, making trips to the city area very convenient.

The developer team

Seaside Residences is developed by East Vue Pte Ltd, which is a joint collaboration between Frasers Property Singapore, Sekisui House, and Keong Hong Holdings.

This is the first development built by this collaboration. Of the three, Frasers Property is definitely the most well-known in Singapore.


Frasers Property is an owner, developer, and manager of real estate across Southeast Asia, Australia, Europe, and China.

These assets range from retail and residential to business parks and logistics facilities.

Listed on Singapore’s Mainboard, they have assets of $39.2 Bn as of March 2021.

In Singapore, their key assets include Frasers Tower at Tanjong Pagar, The Centrepoint, Northpoint City, Century Square, and many more.

Its residential portfolio includes Compass Heights, Singapore’s first integrated development, Camelot, Côte D’Azur, 8@Woodleigh, and 8@Mount Sophia.

Stack analysis

Development site plan


As mentioned, Seaside Residences sits on a triangular-shaped piece of land at a size of 207,849 sqft. It’s a decently sized plot, enough for several swimming pools as well as a tennis court.

There are four towers present, each of equal height at 27 storeys tall. The towers are joined together by a Sky Terrace in the middle at level 14, where you’ll find facilities such as a lounge and viewing decks.

Unit mix

Unit type Size No. of units
1 Bedroom Suites 420 – 689 sqft 109
1 + Study Suites 560 – 775 sqft 188
2 Bedroom Viva 678 – 807 sqft 197
2 Bedroom Vantage 786 – 936 sqft 24
2 Bedroom TRIO 829 – 980 sqft 23
3 Bedroom Viva 1,023 sqft 38
3 Bedroom + Study VIVA 1,087 – 1,302 sqft 77
3 Bedroom + Study Vantage 1,130 sqft 22
3 Bedroom Prive 1,206 – 1,475 sqft 108
4 Bedroom Vista 1,485 sqft 10
4 Bedroom Prive 1,679 – 1,938 sqft 42
5 Bedroom Penthouse 3,294 sqft Three
Shop 581 sqft Two

Unit sizes are comparable to new launch condos of today, for the one and two bedroom units, while the three and four bedroom units are of a slightly larger size. You can see from the unit mix that the big bulk of the units are of the one, two, and three variety.

To add, there is quite a widespread within each unit type. For the one bedroom units, the word Suites affixed to it is just a nice way of stating that it is an open-plan one bedroom unit.

For the two bedroom units, Viva is basically the standard unit layout that you’d usually see. While Trio is a dual-key unit. What’s special here are the Vantage units, as this allows for cross-ventilated units as well as a view towards the sea or towards Victoria School.

Last but not least, the Prive range is the top of the range at Seaside Residences and is only available for the bigger three and four bedroom units. These come with private lift access – and as you might expect, they all feature the much sought-after sea views.

Best stacks


Now it goes without saying that the best stacks at Seaside Residences will be all the sea-facing ones – it’s how the condo derives its name, and why people would pay top dollar for it.

So naturally, if you are looking at Seaside Residences for the stunning views of the sea you will have to plunge for stacks three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 15, and 16 (for Tower 10 and 12). For Tower 16 and 18 you’d want to look at stacks 17, 18, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 35, and 36.

If you have to choose between the Towers, Tower 16 and 18 would be a better choice given that it has a wider frontage from the ECP (although it is further away from the upcoming MRT station).

Now for two bedroom units, our pick of the bunch would be stack six, and for three bedroom units stack one as these are the Vantage units – meaning you get cross ventilation – which allows you to take advantage of the sea breeze (and views).

That said, the views on the opposite side aren’t half bad either – assuming you choose a high enough unit that clears Victoria School. To be certain though, stacks in Tower 18 will be your best bet as these will face the open football field at Victoria School.

Seaside Residences price review

At $1,5XX to $2,6XX, Seaside Residences is one of the higher-priced condominiums in the area. As of August 2021, the average price per square foot is $2,004.

Development Tenure Units PSF TOP
Seaside Residences 99-years 841 $2,004 2021
Costa Del Sol 99-years 906 $1,342 2004
Mandarin Gardens 99-years 1,006 $1,101 1986
Amber Park Freehold 592 $2,454 2023
Silversea 99-years 383 $1,715 2014
Fernwood Towers Freehold 215 $1,253 1994
Villa Marina 99-years 432 $956 1999
Laguna Park 99-years 516 $994 1978

Let’s first compare Seaside Residences to its two closest neighbours Mandarin Gardens and Laguna Park (it’s basically sandwiched between both).

These three condos are all similar in the sense that they have units that will enjoy unblocked views towards the sea, but I wouldn’t necessarily judge them as competition here given the wildly different characteristics of each.

Mandarin Gardens and Laguna Park are of a similar class, big spacious land, bigger units too – with the main difference being they are much older, and with a lower quality of facilities too given their age.

And so while Seaside Residences is nearly double the price in terms of psf, do note that the age gap here is very wide as well.

The closest comparison in terms of psf would be Silversea just down the road at Tanjong Katong. It is known to be the more upscale area, although it is also rather much denser than where Seaside Residences is located at.


Silversea is on a smaller land plot, although it does have less than half the number of units (383 units), while the completion date is the closest comparison in terms of a leasehold project, it must be said that Silversea’s land lease actually starts from 2007 – a good nine years earlier than Seaside Residences.

And so the closest newest project to Seaside Residences might be Amber Park.

But again, it is different in terms of its offering as well – freehold, and a more luxurious offering – both in terms of facilities and units does mean that I don’t really see the clientele between both converging.

Lastly, a dark horse here might be Costa Del Sol in terms of closest comparable options in the area (although it is still 17 years apart in age, Costa Del Sol does still look relatively fresh).

Like Seaside Residences, it does have sea-facing units and it does have a similar number of units. Although the biggest difference is the land size as it is slightly more than double that of Seaside Residences – so you do get a lot more space for your buck.

A final point, unit sizes are bigger at Costa Del Sol too. So you’d have to decide if you are willing to pay that premium for a newer development with the latest bells and whistles – sea views aside.

Appreciation analysis


The URA website has classified most of the surrounding area as residential as well as several nearby zones for Medical and Health. One of the most important up-and-coming developments in the area is the Siglap MRT station.

While many people might think that the prices here may explode given how that has always been a sore missing point from the area, the prices here have already been growing in price steadily since the announcement of the Thomson-East Coast Line, and may not leave much room for further growth.

Furthermore, there is a lack of commercial zones in the area, meaning that the problem of a lack of shopping malls within walkable distance will not be solved in the near future.

And as can be seen from the Master Plan above, there really isn’t much in view of a major reserve site immediately nearby that will change the area too much.

Other than the big IF of if the old condos in the area such as Mandarin Gardens or Laguna Park go en bloc in the future, residents at Seaside Residences will at the very least be guaranteed an unblocked view for a long time given the ECP is located just in front of the development.

Our take


For the early buyers of Seaside Residences in 2017, many of them will be happy to have taken the plunge back then – as recent transactions show very decent six figure profit margins for these owners.

On paper, Seaside Residences is a very on-point representation of the characteristics that attract the modern buyer today.

A sleek design, Instagram-worthy swimming pool, and generally efficient unit layouts (although smaller than its resale comparables) do mean that many of the target buyers here are of a younger age group.

It’s a niche that will be growing steadily over the years as the millennial generation gets married later, and as a consequence of that, have smaller families as well.


While its biggest criticism is probably the road noise from the ECP, the stunning views for the sea-facing units do go a long way in making up for it.

That, and the canopy of trees from the park opposite really gives you an incredible view from the pool vantage point. The best part? You will be promised unblocked views for time to come – something that not many developments can guarantee in fast-changing Singapore.

In short, while this part of the East isn’t actually short of condo options, you don’t actually have that many choices if you are on the lookout for something new and ready to move in.

With construction delays and costs, there will be a premium for units such as these, and it is reflected in the recent transactions so far at Seaside Residences.

This article was first published in Stackedhomes.