Modern family fans, rejoice: The Pritchett Dunphy Tucker Clan is on E! Arrived.

The Emmy Award-winning series bounced back for good in April 2020, but now you can watch your favorite episodes and reunite with popular characters like Phil, Gloria and Cam right here on E! Keep Up With The Kardashians, Daily Pop And More E! shows.

To celebrate the big news, a special all-day marathon will be broadcast today, February 15th, from 8 a.m. to midnight. Fans can go back to where it all began – when Cam and Mitchell introduce Lily, Jay is mistakenly referred to as Gloria’s father, and Phil injures his back after trying to scare Haley’s boyfriend – remembering why she fell in love in the process did the mockumentary sitcom in the first place.

While you’re looking for today’s Modern Family Binge-Athon on E! Sitting down on your couch, we can fill you with nostalgia as we look back at how much the stars have changed over the past 12 years.