Person preparing to exercise at homePhoto: Friends Stock (Shutterstock)

Home exercise is convenient, but it can be noisy. You can jump and stomp in a fitness dance class or even as much as you like Drop dumbbells if you are in the right type of gym. But at home, your downstairs neighbors or your sleeping toddler may not agree. Instead, adapt your training to suit your environment.

Look for low impact workouts

Many training videos are labeled “low impact” to help protect the knees of people who have trouble walking or jumping without pain. But since they’re mostly just doing the hopping movements, they’re also great if you’d rather step in place than jump up and down.

Some dance and HIIT videos offer low impact exercise options (such as getting on and off a lunge rather than doing lunges, for example). Once you’ve seen some of the typical changes you can bring them to any video you watch.

Exercise in a carpeted room

If you have a carpeted room, this is usually covered with extra padding. These layers help muffle the sounds of your feet kicking around or your dumbbells clinking on the floor.

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Whether you have a rug or not, you can add mats too. Robust rubber mats can provide a solid stand on the carpet. And if you need to exercise on a hardwood floor, soft foam mats can absorb bumps and noise.

Wear headphones

We often think of headphones that you can wear to the gym, but you can also use them for home training. Bluetooth headphones are great for following a video with music or a loud teacher cheering you on.

If you have a sleeping baby or partner in the next room, work on their listening environment too. Set up a white noise machine so that it can block out any quiet noises you are still making.

Wear socks

Even when trying to be calm, it is easy to forget about yourself and stomp on the floor while doing exercises. However, in socks you have tactile feedback. Without the muddy sole of a sneaker, you pedal a little quieter, of course.

Find a soft place to put weights on

Lifting weights is pretty quiet; It sets them down from what can be loud. So when you lift something off the floor, focus on putting it down as gently as possible.

However, it’s easy to forget to be calm as you drop your weights to move on to the next exercise. So designate a place to put your weights in between sets. This could be a folded yoga mat or even a milk box with a pillow. Get used to it and you will eliminate one of the biggest causes of accidental exercise noise.