Over the weekend, some Slack Android users received a seemingly random email asking them to update their passwords. The email claims a bug in the Android app incorrectly logged password data in clear text that hackers could easily track down.

I don’t blame you if you ignored the email – it did many signs of a phishing scam– but it’s real. Android Police confirmed If there are multiple Slack representatives that the emails came from Slack, the security issues are real and the links in the message are safe to click. While there’s no evidence that passwords were stolen or accounts hacked, Slack is proactively encouraging users to update their passwords.

Slack’s email includes instructions on how to change your password and clear the app cache. However, it is unclear whether all affected users have been notified. Therefore, it is advisable for anyone using Slack on Android to follow the company’s suggestions even if they haven’t received the email. Here’s what you need to do:

First update your password using the link in Slack’s email or under your account settings Slack’s website.

Next, make sure you have the correct version of Slack installed. This part is simple: if Slack works on your phone, you have the right version; If not, you sure can Download the latest build from Google Play. Google removed the buggy version of the app from Google Play, which also turned it off on devices that had previously downloaded it. Therefore, there is no longer any risk of using the app.

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With the correct version of Slack installed on your device, the final step is to clear the app’s data cache to ensure that the improperly saved password data is removed. There are two ways to do this:

(Note: If you clear the app cache, you will be signed out of Slack. Then log in again.)

  1. Go to in your Android settings
    Settings> Apps> Slack> Storage and choose “Erase data or memory.
  2. Long press the Slack icon in your app launcher. Tap App information, then camp, then choose “Erase data or memory.”