A mother was forced to defend her huge stash after being classified as “gross”.

Holly Smith, who regularly posts her tips and bargain finds on her blog Coupon Queen, shared a video about her stash on TikTok.


Holly Smith shared a video of her huge stash Photo credit: hollyvlogsofficial / Tiktok

The clip featured shelves of cleaning and beauty products, as well as durable groceries and stacks of children’s toys and activity kits.

Holly wrote on her video, “I can’t wait to start my stash again.”

But Holly was quickly attacked by trolls who accused her of being “selfish” during the pandemic.

One wrote: “Absolutely disgusting! Stock up during a pandemic! People go without because they want to be greedy! #selfish”


It included children’s toys, as well as groceries, detergents, and toiletries Photo credit: hollyvlogsofficial / TiktokHolly was forced to defend her stash after being branded


Holly was forced to defend her stash after being labeled “gross” and “selfish”.Photo credit: hollyvlogsofficial / Tiktok

Holly quickly hit back on her reviewer and shared a follow-up video to respond to the comment explaining exactly what she’s doing with her stash.

On the video, she said, “The video you left this comment on was shot last year. I’ve had it in stock for over seven years.

“I want to show you what my stash looks like now.”

She films the empty space and says, “This is the area my stash was in, and you may be wondering where it all went.

She stated that much of her supply had been donated to charity


She stated that much of her supply had been donated to charityPhoto credit: hollyvlogsofficial / TiktokShe donated the toy to Brompton Hospital's Toy Call


She donated the toy to Brompton Hospital’s Toy CallPhoto credit: hollyvlogsofficial / Tiktok

“All of the toiletries you saw in this video, such as bath bombs and shower gels, went to a women’s shelter.

“All the toys went to Brompton Hospital in London because they had toy appeal and it was the least I could do because they saved my baby’s life last year.

“And all of the food went to the Salvation Army to support the families over Christmas

“I’m not making this video to say, look at me, I am giving to charity, but I get so much hate every day when people see my stash.

“Am I going to stop storing? No! Because I’ll do it all over again. “


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