The latest Xbox Insider Program update Nothing’s the Xbox Live Gold Free Xbox Game (F2P) requirement for users in the Xbox Insider Alpha & Alpha Skip Ahead rings. The change will roll over to other Xbox Insider levels in the coming weeks, and hopefully everyone else soon.

This is a huge benefit for players – after all, a game isn’t really free if you have to pay a subscription fee to play it online. Also, Microsoft is being updated with Nintendo and Sony so that players in F2P games can access multiplayer modes without subscribing to their respective online services.

To prepare you for this change, we’ve made a list of 10 great F2P games for Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S. We focus on games that are free to download – things that you can play all (or most) of the games without paying for large chunks of content. We left out games that are “free to start” or require you to pay for most of the game to unlock. As a result, Destiny 2 or Killer Instinct will not appear on this list.

That said, while all of the games on our list are free to download and play, most offer some form of in-game monetization, such as: B. Bonus characters, “Battle Passes” that unlock new cosmetic items when you level up, or – in some cases – loot boxes with random rewards. However, these purchases are optional and not required to play the games.

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Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a squad-based Battle Royale FPS set in the Titanfall universe. While most games in the Battle Royale genre start players at eye level, Apex Legends includes a selection of unique heroes with special abilities that give each player slightly different abilities in battle. The game has also popularized the “ping” system, where your character communicates vital in-game information to your teammates – such as weapon locations or incoming enemies – making it easier to play without voice chat.

Call of Duty: War Zone

Another multiplayer battle royale game based this time on the popular Call of Duty franchise. Unlike other Call of Duty games, Warzone features 150 player matches on a huge map that includes elements of multiplayer arenas from previous Call of Duty titles. Players battle for the last standing fighter using the weapons and tactical gear that Call of Duty is known for.


Dauntless is about defeating massive beasts called “giants”, killing them and turning them into armor and weapons that will help you defeat larger giants. Rinse off the blood and repeat the process. It’s a simple concept, but the loop can be very addicting (as evidenced by the hugely popular Monster Hunter series that Dauntless Cribs are from).

Fourteen days

We’ve featured a few free Battle Royale games so far, but none are as popular as Fortnite. The third-person shooter competitive modes are the most popular, but there are also creative and co-op modes to try … And digital concerts watch. Film studios have even been known to debut new movie trailers in the game, especially elsewhere. Honestly, Fortnite is more of a platform than a game at this point, and you can try it out for free if you haven’t already.

Never winter

Neverwinter is an MMORPG based on the Neverwinter Dungeons & Dragons setting (see picture). All content in the game is free. You can roll a new character and level up until the end of the game without spending a penny. Players choose between eight classes and thirteen races – all straight from the D&D tabletop game. Drows, Tieflings, Dragonborns are all here and so much more. Fans of large, modern MMOs such as Final Fantasy XIV, The Elder Scrolls Online or World of Warcraft as well as long-time D&D players will find a lot to enjoy.

Way of exile

Path of Exile is a full selection action RPG. There are 19 special character classes to play, over 1,325 passive skills to unlock, and tons of unique weapons and armor to collect and customize. You can play the storyline of the game and explore the world online with friends or alone. There are always special events and challenges that keep you busy as you develop the perfect character.

Phantasy Star Online 2

Microsoft helped Sega finally bring Phantasy Star Online 2 to a Western audience in 2020 – almost eight years after its launch in Japan. Like the original PSO, PSO 2 is an online action RPG that is about collecting loot with your friends and killing hordes of monsters. Phantasy Star Online 2 does show its age in some places, but it is fun and offers content worth over eight years. Some progress will even carry over to the next game in the series, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, which will be released later in 2021.


Roblox is not so much a game as it is a platform for creating games. Gamers can use the tools and assets available in Roblox to create their own video games and share their creations online. The range of content available is huge – virtually every popular genre of video games has been recreated in Roblox.

Missile league

In the Rocket League, two teams try to score goals by ramming, twisting, and hurling their RC car-like vehicles into a giant soccer ball. Yes, it’s as great and messy as it sounds. Even better, the game supports cross-play so Xbox gamers can team up or challenge friends on PlayStation 4 or 5, Switch and PC.


Warframe is another free action MMO, but one that sets it apart from the competition for its flashy science fiction theme, extremely acrobatic gameplay, and a variety of content. There are dozens of unique Warframes to unlock and customize, numerous planets to explore, multiple factions to interact with, and different storylines to experience – some of which are truly mind-blowing. The game also receives regular free updates that often add entirely new gameplay elements. It’s a tight match, however Digital Extremes has several guides for new players who want to try the game.