A HOSPITAL employee gives people the chance to win a 4 bed Yorkshire home with just £ 2 raffle ticket.

The lucky winner is mortgage-free, while a portion of the money raised is donated to the NHS.


Sweepstakes tickets cost only £ 2 – the price of a coffeePhoto credit: Mercury Press

The detached property is being raffled off by Nick Wyril, a 34-year-old patient service manager, rather than being sold in the typical fashion.

He plans to give 10% of the money from 250,000 ticket sales to an NHS charity – £ 50,000.

Sweepstakes have become increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional home sales – but they involve risks.

Mr Wyril said, “It’s an amazing opportunity for someone to be mortgage free for the price of a coffee.


Nick Wyril has lived in the apartment with his wife and son for five yearsPhoto credit: Mercury Press
The Yorkshire property has four bedrooms


The Yorkshire property has four bedroomsPhoto credit: Mercury Press

“We loved living here, but we decided we needed a bigger house and we didn’t want to go the traditional route of selling.

“I had seen another couple selling their house with raffle tickets and I started investigating and found that you can donate a portion of the sales to charity through the raffle website.

“It seemed like the right thing to do to give something back to the NHS after a really terrible year for everyone.”

In addition to the four bedrooms, the house has its own bathroom with the master bedroom, a garage and an orangery with a wood-burning stove.

The modern house was built five years ago and is elegantly furnished


The modern house was built five years ago and is elegantly furnishedPhoto credit: Mercury Press

What should you look out for in the raffle at home?

Many of the people who have chosen to win their home may have had difficulty selling it on the open market. Hence, it is important to check the details of the property being offered.

  • If your questions about the property on offer are not answered on the competition website, contact the organizer for more information.
  • Check if the property is owned or leased. If it is a lease, check how long the lease will run and how much the renewal can cost.
  • Find out if there is a service charge, basic rent, or other ongoing charges.
  • Some of the most impressive properties like castles and mansions can have huge running costs that you may not be able to afford.
  • Check out the selling price of other homes nearby on sites like Zoopla and Rightmove to make sure the rating advertised in the competition is realistic.
  • Find out if your legal fees are covered under the price.
  • You shouldn’t be required to pay stamp duty if you win, as the purchase price of the property is effectively just the cost of an entrance ticket or nothing if you’ve taken the free route.

The five year old property is in a cul-de-sac near the M1.

The lucky winner doesn’t have to pay legal fees either.

The raffle will take place on Raffall.com and will end on July 1st at midnight or when all tickets have been sold – whichever is earlier.

Your chances of winning depend on how many tickets are sold. For example, if the raffle reaches its goal and you buy a ticket, you only have one chance in 250,000 of winning the grand prize.

You can increase your chances of winning by buying more tickets. Remember, however, that if you lose you will not get your money back.

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