NEW DELHI: The ED has arrested two Chinese nationals in connection with their money laundering probe linked to an alleged hawala racket worth 1,000 rupees involving grenades or dubious companies. The central probe company arrested Charlie Peng aka Luo Sang, 42, and Carter Lee on January 15, less than the Anti-Money Laundering Act (PMLA). They were made on Saturday in front of a nearby court document that sent them 14 times custody, they reported. Peng’s ED scenario comes from an investigation by the Money Tax Department last year and an FIR filed against him by Delhi Law Enforcement in 2018. Peng’s title surfaced last calendar year in connection with the imprisonment of two people on Himachal Pradesh who allegedly followed the Dalai Lama’s movement on his way. The Chinese national and some of his alleged employees, such as bankers, were searched by the income tax department in August. Bang, sources …
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  • According to the source, ED arrests 2 Chinese nationals in India News money laundering case
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